#Weinergate: Patriot Games

I’m loathe to link to this piece in The Smoking Gun because it’s ‘personal destruction’ brought to a new low. It brings up a lot of stuff that’s totally irrelevant to the Weinergate story about someone who really hasn’t put themselves into the public eye about this story. It’s so over the top and clearly off-topic that it s fair I think to ask if there is a political motivation for going after him?

But – I link to it because it tells a story that illustrates why I called Patriot a liar and manipulator.

Some people have wondered about a tweet sent out a few weeks ago that seems to have predicted the photo scandal. The tweet was not sent by Patriot aka Dan Wolfe – except, it really was. Patriot is the one who claims to have had the info but he didn’t send it out himself.

Stack also contended that while he sent out the May 5 tweet first hinting that a “big time” Congressman was about to be ensnared in a sex scandal, he claimed that Wolfe actually provided him that information. Wolfe, Stack said, told him that he had heard the rumor from a source who worked for a well-known conservative web site.

After Stack sent out the initial tweet, Wolfe quickly ran with the rumor, attributing it–“via@goatsred”–to his online buddy. In retweets, Wolfe immediately attached Weiner’s name to the rumor, wondering “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” Stack did not have an explanation as to why Wolfe sought to launder the rumor through him. He also vehemently denied that he was Wolfe.

To review: Patriot got Mike to tweet something, which Mike did. Patriot retweeted it – in order to make it appear as though he was merely retweeting something somebody else had said. Anyone looking at the record would attribute the origin of the rumor to Mike, not Patriot.

Mike is a victim of Patriot – a fake internet persona, that nobody seems to have ever talked to or been able to track down any evidence about. Patriot / Dan Wolfe isn’t real. 

There was a time that I considered the possibility that Mike WAS Patriot. Now, I know with 100% certainty that that is not the case.

Mike is a real person. That’s clear from the piece and I talked to him several times on the phone. He is flesh and blood – I might not agree with his politics or his baseball rooting (he’s a Yankees fan, I’m BoSox) but I’d have a beer with the guy. He strikes me as very sincere.

The fake Dan Wolfe abused the trust of the real Mike Stack – who is know splashed on the pages of The Smoking Gun for no good reason.

The people defending ‘Dan Wolfe’ need to stop and seriously reconsider why they are defending someone who isn’t even honest about who they. The ‘Dan Wolfe’ they are defending engaged in a long vendetta against Rep. Weiner and wasn’t even honest with with his ALLIES in that endeavor about who they were.

And as soon as the shit hit the fan, Patriot vanished to leave other people holding the bag. Defend THAT>


  1. Is it possible that Mike Stark mis-remembers the origin of the “initial rumor and tweet'”? Or, now with the public heat high, deliberately misdirecting to avoid further scrutiny?

  2. Perhaps Wolfe is keeping himself a ‘fake’ person rather than exposing his real self to the exact treatment goatsred just received from TSG. Wasn’t that what he said over and over in the FilmLadd interview? And doesnt TSG’s treatment of goatsred confirm his fears?

    You may think TSG’s treatment of goatsred was inappropriate, but I dont think there is any argument that the same thing would happen to Wolfe if he came forward. Should he really have to go thru that just to satisfy your curiosity and your standard of what a ‘whistle blower’ should be

  3. az — no, I know for a fact that that is not what happened

    bret — you’re ignoring the manipulation Wolfe did…it’s one thing to want to be anonymous and entirely another to use other people to achieve something, knowing that they will take the fall for it while you remain anonymous

  4. Wolfe’s clearly somebody with a secret agenda. He’s suckering everyone who passes along his comments without confirming his identity, like FilmLadd and JoeBrooks on Twitter.

    There’s a reason journalists don’t run information from anonymous sources who are anonymous to them. People who want no accountability for themselves are up to no good.

  5. When you sleep with dogs you get fleas.

    You dumbasses got played. And anyone with an IQ over 80 could see the day it broke that it was all bullshit. But most of you knew that. Only the dumbfucks who take your blog seriously are stupid enough to have bought into it.

    Now who is Weiner going to sue? Please let it be Breitbart.

  6. “There was a time that I considered the possibility that Mike WAS Patriot. Now, I know with 100% certainty that that is not the case.”

    I guess I’m not as smart as you.

    How in the hell you know with 100% certainty is way over my head.

    Care to elaborate?

  7. wow lee, you really can’t let this go, can you? it’s one guys word against another, and you choose to believe mike, why? do you even know why dan was so hard on you in his interview? DO YOU?

  8. Why do I believe Mike?

    Because I know more then you do about this story.

  9. Ahhhh. I get it. And I’m just supposed to take your word for it.

    Not. A. Chance.

    Just as I thought. You don’t know whether Mike is patriot or not. Unless, of course, you were and are an integral part of perpetuating this entire fraud.

    Which wouldn’t surprise me the least.

  10. Dude… I just went to the smoking gun link. No wonder you were loathe to include it. I know if I were someone who had a skeleton or two in my closet and I catch a politician doing something shady, I better keep my fucking mouth shut, huh? The only thing missing from that hit piece was when he took Johnny’s milk money in 3rd grade.

    Even with patriots disappearance, the exgirlfriend-like obsession, the manipulation of stack… its all less perplexing than weiners behavior. The only reason we should be talking about patriot or goatsred is when a) weiner accuses them of the hack or b) a law enforcement agency accuses them of the hack.

    Honestly, I don’t care if he’s a paranoid schizophrenic who crossdresses in his dead mother’s underthings. I don’t care if he got a DUI 7 years ago. I don’t care if he was a heroin mule. The only thing I want to know about this dude is if his IP sent the picture or hacked the twitter. That’s all that’s relevant. And actually, the weiner obsession does lend more credence to the idea that patriot was just in the right place at the right time. Cops use that tactic when following you late at night: follow him long enough, and he’ll fuck up.

  11. “I know if I were someone who had a skeleton or two in my closet and I catch a politician doing something shady, I better keep my fucking mouth shut, huh?”

    That is because you are fucking stupid. Go hire a lawyer or some other spokesperson to preserve your anonymity. It is done every day.

    And I am 100% certain that Andrew Breitbart would gladly happily doing cartwheels help you had you really found a democrat doing something shady.

    God you people are stupid.

  12. you’re full of it lee. you’ve already shown your hand and dan exposed you for the fool you are. if you had any information the rest of us aren’t privy to, you would jump at the chance to try to save face. sorry, you lost. game over.

  13. The TSG’s information is key, and I really don’t care who you would have a beer with. It is clear that Mike was part of a group of conspirators. As the Mediaite story demonstrates, these conspirators were willing to harass and cyber-stalk underaged girls. They also made Gennette’s life miserable.

    You should be more selective in your choice of drinking buddies. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a man may swill and swill and be a villain.

    You’re focusing on the least important part of the TSG’s material. The important part is this:

    1. Mike Stack is overly proud of his computer detective skills. We’ve all met smug tech guys like that.

    2. He has been willing to spoof other people’s identities in the past.

    3. And then there’s the way he earns a living. When I learned that, I had another look at the photo.

    Weiner isn’t built like the man in the photo. He has made that fact clear to all who do not practice selective quotation. Orient the photo correctly (it is always reproduced upside down) and it is clear that the guy in the shot is freakishly huge.

    Or shall we say — porn star huge.

    Weiner may be worried that a former lover snapped a shot of him slumped over in a chair while sleeping, and that the resultant image was then Photoshopped to make him look massively endowed. (THAT, incidentally, is the clear implication of his ACTUAL words.)

    It is clear that Lee is theorizing along these lines, and that he thinks Dan Wolfe is actually a vengeful ex.

    I have been thinking along similar lines until this morning. It is possible that an ex plays a role in this. But I don’t think Dan is female. He sounds like a classic male right-wing blowhard, and women usually can’t fake that persona very well. Besides, his politics are sincere, and Weiner probably would not date a woman like that.

    But now I think the guy in the photo is NOT Weiner — although clearly Weiner worries that someone may have snapped a shot of him.

    There’s also the all-important EXIF data. The metadata for the 800×600 revealed the use of a blackberry but also said that the shot was taken on the 30th. (The date gives the lie to Wolfe’s “browser cache” story.)

    Think about it: How is that possible?

    Sure, the image could have been created on the 30th through copy and paste in photoshop. But would the EXIF data still contain the “RIM EXIF” entry (indicating the use of a Blackberry)?

    So if we posit that the image was created with a Blackberry on the 30th — HOW WAS THE IMAGE MADE?

  14. Not sure already highlighted here BUT…

    Patriot and the reasons for not talking on the phone- If patriot is concerned that his call would be recorded by ex wife/girlfriend and used against them, they why ask for Ladd’s interview to be published unedited? Meaning, If patriot’s name is really Dan Wolfe, publishing a 4 hour unedited interview (at patriot’s request) that one could assume would be of the same nature of doing the interview on the phone. Makes it pretty easy and I would argue MUCH easier for the ex wife/girlfriend to get this IM “recorded” interview to use against him. Right? Doesn’t publishing an unedited IM interview neutralize the reason not to speak on the phone?

    On not personal with Weiner, just Politics – Maybe, but sure seems that it may have turned personal given Patriot’s reasons that help his motivation in “watching” Weiner. The history of predators is patriot’s own life. The projection that Weiner’s “contacting” young girls that brought back the predator issue back into Patriot’s life.

    Predators seems pretty PERSONAL

  15. Joseph,

    I believe that Dan Wolfe is the one who supplied information to TSG.

  16. Jharp said “blah blah blah breitbart blah blah blah stupid blah blah blah I failed english in high school blah blah blah.” To use your own argument against you, you fucking moron, how do you know patriot hasn’t hired an attorney and is acting on his counsel to stay anonymous. God, you’re fucking stupid.

    For that matter, wolfe said he hasn’t contacted the fbi, but we should just assume that he has and they’ve asked him not to say anything. Because it happens all the time.

    Man, I almost forgot to add this. God, you’re fucking stupid.

  17. “To use your own argument against you, you fucking moron, how do you know patriot hasn’t hired an attorney and is acting on his counsel to stay anonymous.”

    “For that matter, wolfe said he hasn’t contacted the fbi, but we should just assume that he has and they’ve asked him not to say anything”

    No. We shouldn’t assume anything dumbass. And why you would suggest so again proves your stupidity.

    And. I don’t know patriot hasn’t hired an attorney to remain anonymous. Nor did I make such a claim.

    And. I thought you were through with me. What’s up with that, jackass? You are even too fucking stupid to hide behind that empty promise.

    My OPINION is Dan Wolfe doesn’t exist. Dan Wolfe was a fabrication for that right wing retard pictured on the Smoking Gun to hide behind.

    Because really, what do we KNOW about patriot. We know he was the only one known to see Weiners tweet and that he re tweeted it. Other than that we know nothing.

    God you people are stupid.

  18. There was a time that I considered the possibility that Mike WAS Patriot. Now, I know with 100% certainty that that is not the case.

    Can you explain how you can be 100% certain? You give the impression that Patriot outed Stack to SG. SG are very good at what they do. They had a name and a state on Mike Stack from his Twitter profile. That’s all they needed.

  19. Most relevant item I’ve taken thus far from TSG/Stack post was it seems this goat, patriot, jihadihunter etc. group are either one of the same or they have no problem “outing” each other.

    Goat outed patriot in TSG and patriot outed jihadihunter in Ladd’s interview.

  20. And as soon as the shit hit the fan, Patriot vanished to leave other people holding the bag. Defend THAT

    Oh my God, another awesome takedown of some anonymous powerless private citizen on the internet! Holy Cow! At this rate you’re going to have a wall covered in Pulitzers by the end of the month, Lee! (They still hand out Pulitzers for digging up random salacious crap on online nobodies, don’t they?)

    Again, though, perhaps when you’re done celebrating, you might return your focus to the still-unanswered questions:

    1. Why is a middle-aged, elected U.S. Government Representative who is married to a high-level State Department official sending out obscene pictures of his erect penis to college-aged journalism students half his age?

    2. Why is this same elected U.S. Government Representative who has repeatedly claimed he was hacked, who in fact claimed his entire system was hacked, refusing — in direct violation of the House rules — to allow the Capitol police, the FBI, or any other law enforcement agency to investigating this serious breach of security and track down the culprits?

    3. Why is this same elected U.S. Government Representative — who refuses to call the police when his computer is hacked — calling the police and asking them to harass reporters who come to his office and ask him for an interview?

    [When considering these questions, let’s stipulate that this Mike Stack fellow is the devil incarnate, is responsible for all the goat-based porn on the internet, has been a conservative Republican since he was in diapers, hates Rep. Weiner and Pres. Obama, has never been behind the wheel of a car with a BAL below .10, and visits animal shelters just to stomp on kittens. (Go ahead and add in any of the various slanders against this guy that I missed – I’ll stipulate to any of them.)
    Unless he’s somehow involved in hacking Weiner’s account or system, this guy is irrelevant. And to find out if he was involved in hacking Weiner’s account or system, the FBI or Capitol police need to investigate. And again, on that matter, this guy is irrelevant. Weiner is the only person preventing a full investigation into this matter. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.]

  21. If the picture is not Weiner, he could have said that, but he didn’t, did he? So either the pic is of himself, or it’s the only chance he has for people to believe that he is “massively endowed”. Which one makes more sense?

  22. “No. We shouldn’t assume anything dumbass. And why you would suggest so again proves your stupidity.”
    no, but stranahan is free to assume the worst in patriot. free to assume he contacted TSG and gave them the info on stack. free to assume because dan said the tweet was only there for 1-5 seconds must have meant he was on the phone with weiner at the time. free to assume that the one person answering direct questions had, in fact, concocted an entire twitter identity with over 2300 tweets and following more than 1700 people just to get back at the US congressman who had once scorned him (or her or as stranahan once said, “assume Partiot is a jealous woman for a moment”). free to assume that because weiner’s statements are “VERY specific” he must being careful to tell the truth. free to suggest , “Everyone is also missing the possibility that Dan Wolfe is, in fact, a woman — one who may have been involved with Weiner.” free to assume because others have had “bizarre interactions with” dan, he must have something to hide. now this is being done in my best dan wolfe impersonation… “watch stranahan come back and say, ‘the only person i said may have something to hide is weiner’, you amuse me.” feel free to assume that because “Patriot was part of a group of screenames ‘warning’ women about Weiner”, he couldn’t have a valid reason for doing so. free to tweet his “theory that [weiner] is hiding somethings and likely knows [dan].” of course it’s only lee’s theory because it, “seems to fit all the facts .” free to tweet, “I’m looking for facts and ignoring insults,” to which my reply was, “i believe [dan] is probably pretty insulted u think he is a woman w/ a past relationship w/ [weiner].” free to tweet, “during argument Patriot tells Weiner,basically ‘take that’ — and posts the photo. Weiner deletes it right away.” free to tweet, after “Going through Patriot’s tweets from the beginning, there’s a clear obsession with Weiner and his sex life”. free to dismiss the point suggesting, “[weiner]’s wife knows the picture is him so he can’t deny it. denies sending to save marriage” (which woud also explain weiner’s answers), even though lee admits, “That is a good point”. btw, stranahan wants to make sure you know, “My post is a 100 percent clear that is it a theory” lol like i said earlier lee, you lost. game over.

  23. The 1-5 seconds deletion MAY be true and BE known deleted that fast by a couple of ways (including on the phone). I 1st thought getting screengrabs withing 5 secs was ridiculous. Could not happen unless patriot was anticipating the Weiner tweet and more than one person grab shots knowing it was coming.

    Looking at TSG’s posting of screencaps shows the caps with Weiner’s twitter timeline of the tweet shows sent “25 mins” ago. And the yfrog grab, shows pic taken “21 mins” ago.

    In Patriot’s timeline that night he is tweeting that Weiner deleted the tweet almost immediately but patriot also stated weiner forgot about the yfrog until a “little” later. Patriot also stated in tweet a too bad for Weiner because he did a screengrab of yfrog too because Weiner left it out on yfrog too long. Before Weiner was able to delete.

    In Ladd/patriot interview, patriot said he knew Weiner deleted the tweet almost immediately because when he tried to do the built in twitter retweet it wouldn’t work. This lead Patriot to think that Weiner deleted tweet so patriot opened a new tab to bring up another Weiner twitter timeline and indeed the pic tweet was gone. So he copy/pasted Weiners tweet to do a retweet from the original Weiner timeline tab he still had open.

    I did test whether sitting on someone else’s twitter/yfog timeline pages pages if a tweet comes up, and the person who sent deletes, the tweet/pic they delete stays on my page. As long as I don’t refresh the timeline page. And the time will continue to aggregate for tweet/pic showing x mins ago even though the tweet/pic were deleted.

    So that part supports patriot’s comments in Ladd interview. I did NOT test whether I would not be able to retweet a deleted tweet in a timeline that I had not refreshed.

  24. Lee,
    If Patriot was the one who threw goatsred under the bus, that’s some additional fucked-up to heap on the guy. What makes you think it was him, or is this just part of a theory?

  25. I’m really having a hard time believing someone who is a moderator on a porn site (while playing an upstanding Conservative on Twitter) is any more credible than Patriot, or even Anthony Weiner. Sorry, but I don’t see a victim in Mike Stack. I am enjoying your reporting, however. Thanks.


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