What Has Educational ‘Value’? From #Unschooling : The Movie

Here’s a short clip from interviews I did for a project I’m working on called Unschooling : The Movie, that I expect to finish up this fall after completing a final round of interviews.

Here’s a great point from the YouTube comment section for anyone who scoffs at the idea that World of Warcraft has any value at all:

We all do realize that World of Warcraft is an intricately crafted world that has its own socio-economic features unique to that own space, correct?

And that playing a game such as World of Warcraft is basically playing a giant math game, since the entire system is based off of probability? And the entire battle system is made up of percentages, probability, and advanced algorithms?

The only way to be successful is to understand HOW the system Blizzard created works through analysis.

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