Who Is Behind The @Djmcs111 / @NicoleGennette Accounts? Part 1

The obnoxious, defamatory twitter accounts @Djmcs111 and @NicoleGennette have spent months in a campaign of childish online warfare designed to cause emotional duress to conservative bloggers while hiding like a coward behind these anonymous account names. The accounts appear to be run by the same person but the identity of that person remains a mystery because the individual running the sock puppet accounts is unwilling to say who they are, doubtlessly out of fear of being held legally accountable for their actions.

Now, whoever is running those accounts-let’s refer to them as “DJ” -seems to be attempting to create the impression that they are a real person, specifically a politically active software developer named David James; a programmer formerly with the Sunlight Foundation.

The real Mr. James has been contacted and in a statement to Brandon Darby insisted that he has nothing to do with either of these Twitter accounts, nor has he heard of figures such as Brett Kimberlin or Neil Rauhauser. Darby spoke to the David James by telephone on Saturday, June 9 in a short conversation where Mr. James categorically denied running these accounts on Twitter.

Given this denial, it seems that the “DJ” who is running the @Djmcs111 and @NicoleGennette accounts has deliberately  taken a number of steps to give the false impression that they are Mr. James.  Not only has “DJ” used the name (fairly common name) “David James” on their BlogTalkRadio account, but “DJ” has said a number of things on Twitter that connect to events in the life of the real Mr. James.

If ‘DJ’ is deliberately attempting to hide their own identity by causing investigators to suspect Mr. James–a man who has stated he has nothing to do with the @Djmcs111 and @NicoleGennette Twitter accounts– it’s just another cowardly act by this anonymous online loser.


Brooks Bayne adds an interesting twist.

hey @Stranahan, i’m sure it’s just a coincidence @NicoleGennette‘s acct was created on the same day that @djsunlight quit tweeting. 3/28/11

Correction : According to this site, the @NicoleGennette account was created on May 28th, not March 28th.



  1. All these disparate characters and plots are coming together… Question might be why? I mean what do the Weiner cast of characters really have to do with the Kimberlin bunch? If they truly existed before Weiner “exposed” himself, why, & if they were created afterwards, to take advantange of what?

    More questions than answers….

  2. Lee, you’ve got them on the ropes now. Don’t give up. This attack from the Kimberlin Team, including The Liberal Grouch, which is one of his henchmen who likes to comment on Kimberlin’s sites, smacks of desperation. Not to mention RSM is about to blow the lid off the Rauhauser / Anonymous connection.

  3. Funny to hear the Liberal Grouch fantasizing about school yard boys doing despicable things to each other. And did he throw in a “developmentally disabled” smear too? Yes he did. Are you sure you are liberal, grouch?



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