Who Is @ZAPEM & Why Is She Talking About My Employer?

This has all gotten so weird that I feel like I should go on the record about it. If you aren’t following the Kimberlin / Weinergate story, some of it won’t make sense but here goes.

There’s a person named Michelle with the Twitter handle @ZAPEM and she’s something of a mystery. She is associated with the Twitter-Gaters that I discuss in this post but I haven’t paid too much attention to her until recently, really.

Michelle / @ZAPEM was in contact with Andrew Breitbart the week he passed away. Andrew told both me and Brandon Darby that she has contacted him and said that she had been trying to get him information for months by going through Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick but that Mandy hadn’t been passing along that information so Michelle / @ZAPEM decided to reach out to Andrew herself. I have no reason to believe that this story is true. Andrew expressed concerns about @ZAPEM to a number of people, myself included.

As I said, I didn’t think much about her after Andrew left. Plenty of other stuff to think about. She popped up again when Brooks Bayne suddenly mentioned on June 6th that she was a ‘source’ of his and he wanted me to work with her. I said that I didn’t trust her and had no reason to want to work with her.Brooks said he thought this was a personal issue between Michelle and Mandy, who I am friends with, but that he was okay with Mandy not liking her. I stated that Mandy had nothing to do with my lack of trust in Michelle. In fact, Mandy says that she never had a problem with Michelle.

I suspect that Brooks was, in fact, working with Michelle / @ZAPEM prior to June 6th but didn’t mention it to me on purpose, probably because he knew I’d have a problem with it.

When I mentioned something on Twitter a couple of weeks ago to Mike Stack about having some email that Michelle / @ZAPEM had written, Mike freaked out. Then that same night Liberty Chick got a phone call from a man claiming to be @ZAPEM’s employer. The man who said he was @ZAPEM / Michelle’s boss also contacted MY boss at Breitbart, Larry Solov. The boss person was very angry but seemed like he didn’t really understand what was going. Neither did Mandy, who had not seen my conversation with Mike Stack.

Then, the next day. apparently, Michelle / @ZAPEM claimed that Mandy and I had ‘defamed’ her. Mandy had said literally nothing about her. Here’s a RT of whatg @ZAPEM supposedly said.

More on this some other time.


  1. How can someone libel or defame a sock puppet? I mean, if you go by your real name on Twitter and someone says something about you, sure, that would be possibly libel or defamitory. But if you go by “zapem”, exactly who has been “defamed”? One has no way of knowing if that is a single person or even a group of persons using that account. One has no way to associate “zapem” with any specific individual so how could one libel that individual? And while it would take a judge to decide this, but if one creates a fake persona and gets all public with their opinions, that persona would be a “public figure” to my mind. This whole thing is sort of like having “The Shadow” sue you for defamation because you said something about a radio character.

    I don’t see much difference between someone calling themselves “zapem” from calling themselves “Peter Pan” or “Alfred E. Newman” or “Erkel”. How can that be considered to be a “real” person? If you want to be a “real” person, use your “real” name, otherwise an internet sock puppet persona is just a cartoon character.

  2. George, yes, it’s a repetitive, old and busted, tiresome theatrical.


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