Why Brad Friedman Matters In The Kimberlin Story

Patterico has an excellent summary piece that gives a thumbnail view of the Kimberlin Saga. Pat’s focus is on the criminal aspects of the story, which makes a lot of sense since he was SWATed himself. Pat doesn’t focus on Brad Friedman too much because Friedman doesn’t have a clear connection to that aspect of the story — so allow me to expand on Mr. Friedman briefly.

Brad Friedman’s Wikipedia page (which is basically a PR missive as I write this) says:

Brad Friedman is a US blogger, journalist, actor, radio broadcaster, director and software programmer, most known for his criticism of election integrity issues in the USA.

Where does Mr. Friedman fit into the Kimberlin Saga?

Brad Friedman is the public face of Brett Kimberlin’s political operation. He runs The Brad Blog, a supposedly journalistic enterprise that I’ll be taking apart limb by limb in the coming weeks. Friedman also is a fill-in host for repulsive off-the-rails leftist radio host Mike Malloy. (Here’s a little of Malloy threatening Andrew Breitbart.) Friedman is albe to take public positions that a convicted felon would not be able to.

Friedman is partners with Brett Kimberlin in the group VelvetRevolution.US a group that describes themselves as “a network of more than 100 progressive organizations reaching millions of people demanding progressive change through our various campaigns.” The progressive organizations include some well known leftist groups such as Code Pink and Democracy Now!

But that’s just politics, right? The real issue is the campaign of online terror waged by Kimberlin and his associate Neal Rauhauser, right? True. Sorta.

To understand WHY Kimberlin works with someone like dirty tricks cyber-operative Neal Rauhauser, it helps to understand the political philosophy of Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin’s group Velvet Revolution. There’s a reason that Rauhauser uses the tactics he does and Kimberlin / Friedman are are behind it.

Velvet Revolution actually believes that progressive Democrats have been too nice. They feel that new, much more aggressive tactics are needed.

As Velvet Revolution states:

The tactics and the power of the Democrats and progressives in this country have not been sufficient to check the actions of a corrupt Republican agenda. The left has not been able to develop the necessary tactics to win this battle for the heart of America, despite the fact that there are many fine progressive organizations with many members. The leadership of the Democratic Party has generally engaged in a pattern of appeasement, and few organizations have had the clout or backbone to go toe to toe with the extreme right. In many major battles recently, the Democrats have rolled over…

Consider that — they think the Democrats are appeasers. This statement will come as a shock to anyone who has followed the deceit of the institutional left but it explains why Kimberlin and his associates have opened up a whole new toolchest of tactics like law-fare, online intimidation and contacting the employers of bloggers in order to try and get them fired.

Now look at the credo of Friedman / Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution. Remember as you read this that one of the partners in this organization is Brett Kimberlin; a convicted domestic terrorist who set off eight bombs in Indiana, was reportedly making hundreds of thousands of dollar a month as a major drug dealer and who has filed over 100 lawsuits.

Here’s how their group describes themselves:

We have a 24/7/365 war room mentality – instead of waiting for elections and campaigns – to respond quickly and effectively to lies and self-serving political propaganda.

We have grant making ability to be able to immediately deliver funds to our members, large and small, to support their opposition actions on the ground, on the net, and across the airwaves.

We work with volunteer and paid attorneys who can go into court to quickly stop major assaults on the rights of the people.

We report where the corporate media has failed us, creating our own media.

We have employed economic boycotts against companies and states that oppose the freedom of the people.

We are unrelenting in our drive to secure information about wrongdoing by those who abuse their power.

We use the full power of the citizenry to fight for what is just.

We are not afraid. We will not be intimidated.

We are galvanizing and mobilizing young people to join this revolution.

Who are the targets of Brad Friedman, Brett Kimberlin and their group Velvet Revolution? Who is subject to their ‘war room’ and ‘revolution’ mentality? Their campaigns have targeted people and organizations like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce, Darrell Issa and Fox News.

These are the ideas and targets of Velvet Revolution and lead directly to the direct actions we’ve seen. If Neal Rauhauser didn’t exist, Friedman and Kimberlin would have had to invent him.

(Welcome Instapundit readers : more Kimberlin related – Webinar from Franklin Center that I moderated and The Kimberlin Story’s Second Front.)

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  1. On the “targeted people” list, you fail to mention Karl Rove. That’s a big big biggie and where it all begins, especially with the leftist money.

    Rove stole Ohio, Rove busted Seigelman, and so on.



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