Why Does Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Keep Lying?

Why Does Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Keep Lying?

2014-01-16_22-57-20Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous was on a BlogTalkRadio show a couple of nights ago and got drilled hard by Joe Prich. The 14 minute YouTube takedown can be heard in its entirety here and if you’ve been following the Steubenville story, it’s well worth a listen.

In this short except from that interview, KY continues to say he heard about the Steubenville in the New York Times article published on December 16, 2012.

Three major problems in that 30 second clip

  1. the New York Times continued to write about the case
  2. that the article says a LOT more than KY says it does; it lays out a lot of the false narrative promoted by blogger Alexandria Goddard
  3.  while Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous claims to have head his interest sparked by an article that came out on December 16th….



Well, in actual fact Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous had already launched what he called #OpRollRedRoll days earlier, as you can see for yourself in this exchange on Twitter with Alexandria Goddard’s vile, potty-mouthed  crone-y Michelle McKee. Check the dates: it’s close to a week earlier than the article where he said he learned about it.


So, what’s up with that? It’s almost like they are trying to hide this relationship, which is extensive.


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