Why I Created The “Understand Why I’m Conservative” Graphic

I have a lot of liberal friends on my Facebook timeline and I noticed that a few days ago, many of them were sharing the following graphic courtesy of MoveOn.org who called it The Controversial Graphic That Is Popping Up Everywhere.

The MoveOn promo is a ploy to get guilty white liberals (everyone I saw who shared it on FB was as white as I am) to sign a pledge to stop Stand Your Ground laws (that are also used to defend black people, by the way) and to stir up completely false racial divineness over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

I had just been watching the Michael Nutter speech I referenced in this post. The line in the MoveOn graphic about being black kids being hated and feared for no reason at all REALLY pissed me off. It’s a lie. I repeat — in 2012 America, that is a lie. The reality is a LOT more complex that than the guilty white liberals want to pretend it is.

Let’s dig into some of that complexity. Here’s a summary clip with highlights from the Mayor Michael Nutter speech with a newscast to provide some context for his remarks. Again; Nutter is a black, Democratic Mayor talking to an all black audience. He’s not booed. He is cheered for telling the truth. It comes at about the 5 minute mark in the video.

“If you want all of us — black, white or any other color — if you want us to respect you, if you want us to look at you in a different way, if you want us not to be afraid to walk down the same side of the street with you, if you want folks not to jump out of an elevator when you get on, if you want folks to stop following you around in stores when you’re out shopping, if you want someone to offer you a job or an internship somewhere, if you don’t want folks to be looking in or trying to go in a different direction when they see two or 20 of you coming down the street, then stop acting like idiots and fools out in the streets of the city of Philadelphia. Just cut it out.”

So, that MoveOn graphic struck me as worse than wrong. It’s counter productive and frankly dangerous. It presents the illusion that there ISN’T a real problem in the black community with violent crime is tied into the breakdown of families. A black conservative friend pointed out this article to me, discussing the real and very troubling numbers and how the media is covering the issue of violence in the black community:

It is once again promoting falsehoods—that the criminal justice system is racist and that blacks are under assault from racist whites. (To the contrary, young black males are under assault from other young blacks, who commit homicide at ten times the rate of young white and Hispanic males combined. White-on-black killings are negligible compared with black-on-white killings and are a minute fraction of the over 6,000 blacks mowed down every year by other blacks. Blacks kill whites and Hispanics at two-and-a-half times the rate at which whites and Hispanics kill blacks, though blacks are only one-sixth of the combined white and Hispanic population.)

Add to this that I’d recently interviewed C.L. Bryant about his upcoming film Runaway Slave and that my friend David Webb had just been attacked (for the umpteeth time) as an Uncle Tom — and I’m just sick to death of the way black conservatives are treated.

So I made this…

I ran it by some black conservative friends of mine and got some great feedback. Then I released it on Twitter and Facebook and it took off — as of this writing, about 1000 likes and over 650 shares on Facebook plus some interesting discussions.

I’m white. I wrote it. Is that weird? I don’t think so — I based it all on points I’d heard from black conservatives and they have given me very positive feedback on it. I don’t hear the left complain that the Trayvon Martin petition that is posted under the name of Trayvaon’s parents was written by a white dude who is even paler than me. I have no idea who created the MoveOn graphic or who’s in the picture. I saw something that I felt need to be said, I saw a format to parody MoveOn’s awful message and I did it.

Feel free to share, use, email or whatever the parody I created. Or make your own. Or do something entirely new. But this is 2012 and we have a black President; we sure should be able to have black conservatives — so please say SOMETHING. The most marginalized black voices in America right now are black conservatives and especially pro-life black conservatives. If you believe in freedom of speech, speak up to support them.


  1. Political ideology of the KKK:

    White supremacy
    White nationalism
    Christian terrorism[2][3]

    Totally sounds like today’s Democratic Party. Congratulations, you’re a fucking moron. Please keep making shit images for the internet.

  2. @Jeremy–

    No kidding. It’s even worse when these idiots equate nazis with liberals because of the word socialism which when applied to Nazis is a giant fucking misnomer. its like saying North Korea is a “democratic republic”.

    Nazis were also for:

    white supremacy
    white nationalism
    and homophobic.

    Yeah, sounds like a bunch of liberals to me!

    And enough of the Sanger genetic fallacy too. Modern family planning has absolutely nothing to do with some of the ideas of Margaret Sanger. By that logic we might as well boycott volkswagons and the jet plane since they were built for the supremacy of the third reich. What it does have to do with is getting poor women healthcare, birth control, and access to an abortion if needed. Sanger herself, said aboriton was the last resort for a woman and found it hard to take too.


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