Why The “Obama Ate Dog” Meme Sorta Matters

I started a site called ObamaAteDog.com to compile all the goofiness about the meme that caught fire after the great Jim Treacher from The Daily Caller published a story called Obama Bites Dog. (I think Jim might be mad at me, so I wanted to be sure to call him the great Jim Treacher. Oh. Did I say that out loud?)

It’s goofy. It’s funny. It’s a release from the normal day-to-day tensions of politics and let loose with some silliness. However, I think it actually resonates on a deeper level for two reasons.

1) After the Obama campaign including David Axelrod and many liberals decided to dogpile on the “issue” of Mitt Romneu, it’s a bit of karmic payback.

2)  To understand the deeper level of the story works on, it helps to look at the reason that the Obama campaign decided to make an issue of the Mitt Romney dog story. It wasn’t just randomly picked, it was chosen because the story of Mitt Romney putting the dog on the roof of his car pushes an emotional point that the Democrats want to push in order to win this election namely, that Mitt Romney and the Republicans are mean.

Mitt Romney is mean because he’s rich. He’s mean because he’s fired people when he ran businesses. He’s mean because his Republican and all Republicans are mean so don’t vote for them.

This is the moral of the Mitt Romney story and the reason it’s been so often repeated and pushed. For the time being, leave aside whether this is true or false; let’s just be clear this is what the Obama campaign is pushing with that story.

So what’s the underlying message of “Obama ate a dog”? It’s an anti-Obama campaign theme that goes back to Hillary Clinton’s run against Sen. Obama Barack Obama is not like you or me or the vast majority of Americans. He has different beliefs and different experiences and that makes him a poor choice for president of the United States.

Again, leave aside whether you disagree with this or not. It’s a campaign theme and the “Obama ate dog” meme helps push it. This is why I think it’s going to resonate on a deeper level than just jokes.


  1. Why would I be mad at you?

    The underlying message of “Obama ate a dog” is that Obama ate a dog.

  2. I just thought you were. Never mind. Yay!

  3. Spot on, Lee.
    Øbama is “the other”, a foreign outsider, in terms of his worldview, ideology, experience and values. Politically and culturally non-indigenous, his rule contravenes local values rooted in our national tradition.

    Read “A Stranger in Our Midst” in The American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/04/a_stranger_in_our_midst.html

    Here, Barry, have some Hushpuppies with your Mutt-on.

  4. What I really love is the “selective outrage” of the Left when it comes to this story. They have a laundry list of excuses for why Obama eating a dog is not an issue (He was only 10! He was in a different country! It happened YEARS ago! It was part of that lovely culture he was living in! He was held down by Vincent Price as Dr. Phibes and force-fed dog through a funnel!) as if all of that somehow makes it OK. Was it Mitt Romney’s shining moment…? No, of course not. It was stupid. But that does not excuse the fact that the current PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES was raised in a culture where it was OK TO EAT DOG. And he BRAGGED about it in print. Good Lord, if only Obama was a Republican. Can you imagine the outrage…?


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