With The Middle Class Going Extinct, Are You Heading Up Or Down?

With The Middle Class Going Extinct, Are You Heading Up Or Down?

Allow me to burst your bubble.

We’ve all heard stories on the news and in speeches from every politician in every party about the struggles faced by the middle classe. Politicians follow up with how thier proposals will create jobs and rebuild the middle class. They want to bring back the past.

This isn’t going to happen and for your sake and the sake of your kids you need to stop pretending that it will. The future isn’t the past.

The past few years have seen millions of jobs eliminated by technology and they aren’t coming back, ever. You simply don’t need as many people to run a company now as you once did and the people that run companies have figured that out. This is going to happen more and more as positions are crowdsourced, outsourced or cut.

Entire companies and whole industries are gone and they aren’t coming back, either. Record stories, video rental stores, electronics merchants, some department stores; all gone away and never, ever coming back. They have left big giant commercial real estate spaces available for lease everywhere. In small towns, its smaller spaces for lease for all eternity because who is going to open a book store or a vacuum clear store in them? Online ordering of everything via increasingly ubiquitous mobile devices is going to accellerate this, too.

So, that stuff is all over and done with.

Now, about you. There’s reality. What are you going to do about it?

My bummer of an opening isn’t the whole picture. I didn’t mention all the awesome stuff that technology has made possible. I skipped all the incredible things you can now do because of cheap tech available everywhere. I didn’t paint the accurate picture of the freedom available to people who want to learn, create, build cool stuff, make art, communicate with the world and so on.

I left those out because they aren’t guarantees. They are not results you can count on. Those are the opprotunites. They available to everyone, right now, including you. Especially you.

Some people will do amazing stuff with the technolgy available to them. Some people will squander and abuse it. Tech is a tool. Some people use it create and others use it to commit crimes or text dumb thing to their equally dumb friends.

The middle is going away. Do you want to go up or do you want to go down? Up involves forgetting the past, keeping up with the skills and moving forward as soon as possible. It involves risk but at this point, the real risk is waiting for the bottom to drop out.

And up is better than down.

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