A Brief Statement About My Photography

A small group of people have launched a dishonest harassment attack on me based on the fact that, in the distant past and when I was a liberal,  I shot erotic photography. These attacks have come largely from two anonymous accounts — @OccupyRebellion and @NicoleGennette — as well as from a former employer of mine, @BrooksBayne and his associates. They have repeatedly, incessantly contacted co-workers, online friends and political allies in a deliberate effort to harm, harass and cause emotional and financial damage to me.

I have largely ignored these attacks because of the obvious lack of credibility of the sources, who are not raising this issue out of any actual concern of their own but purely as a vindictive effort to harm me for political and / or personal reasons.  However, I thought I’d clarify a few things for anyone who may have honest questions.

1) I’ve never hidden the fact that I shot erotic photos and have mentioned it frequently. I always published the work under my own name. These attacks are “exposing” something I’ve never hidden.

2) I haven’t shot any erotic photos for nearly ten years and have no plans to shoot any in the future. For a variety of reasons, I made a decision a couple of years ago to take most of my photos offline. This decision wasn’t related to my politics but was an artistic and personal one.

3) I’m proud of the work I did, which I tried to make both artistic and honest. The work wasn’t exploitative; the subjects were all volunteers who contacted me and the work was based on their personalities. My work was shown in galleries, sold as fine art giclée prints and won awards from small-press publications. When I was actively promoting my work fifteen years ago, about half of my fan mail came from women. It’s obviously not for everyone, nor was it intended to be.

4) While I’m in favor of freedom of speech and I hate censorship, I’m also completely opposed to the idea of shoving things in the face of people who aren’t interested in them. This has been the tactic of the people harassing my associates by sending them some of my photos out of the blue.

The point of this explanation isn’t to make anyone like or approve of my photos. Some people will, some people won’t and I respect that decision either way. The question I ask is — even if you and I agree to disagree about the merit of my photos, they are part of my past; should that invalidate my work in other areas?

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact me.


  1. I remember when you told me (and others) about this months ago when discussing your personal background. I have always been impressed at the candid nature in which you talk about your personal life, and how little you hide regarding your past professions and political philosophy.

    As a result, when I’ve seen people attempt to defame you using these points, it’s always caused me to smile a little. They’re using information that you’re a.) very open about and b.) not ashamed of. Well done.

  2. We are truly sorry to hear/read that some of those OWS losers are indeed are out of control, they indeed attack anyone that’s speak out or report the truth.


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