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U.S. Backed “Moderates” Seize A Christian Village

Help me tell this story…

The Obama administration is trying to push us into war in Syria..
and we’re supporting the people who are attacking Christian villages. 

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama is planning to address America about his plans to attack Syria.

I’m trying to travel to the Middle East next week–just days after Obama’s address–to interview Syrian Christians. I’d like your help in raising  expenses to cover this story. 

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As I’ve done before with stories like Occupy Wall Street or the Steubenville rape case story, the way to really cover a story is to be there. That’s the only way to really get at the truth.

And the truth of what’s what’s happening in Syria seems to be frightening; the Obama administration is backing the people who are attacking Christians. Already, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee Syria. I want to get their stories.


Meet John Kerry’s Moderates

The U.S. backed Syrian rebel faction known as the Free Syrian Army has posted videos of their attack this past week on the ancient city of Maaloula. The attacks on the Christian village came one day after Sec. of State Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Tuesday about the group, “There is a real moderate opposition that exists.”

While both Sec. of State Kerry and Sen. John McCain have touted the Free Syrian Army as moderates, the videos posted by the group itself show that they were fighting alongside sworn al Qaeda jihadists in an attempt to ‘liberate’ the Christian village.

And now the rebels have retaken the village of Maaloula. 

Maaloula may be a key religious target for Muslim jihadists fighters because of it’s symbolic significance. It’s a small village of about 3,300 people northeast of Damascus and one of few remaining places that still speaks Aramaic, the language Jesus probably spoke.

My goal is to raise $4600 to cover my expenses for this story.
It’s a 20 hour plane ride to the Middle East.
Once there, I’ll interview Syrian Christians to get to the heart of this story.

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Any amount you can give helps.

I want to get the truth out, as I’ve done on every story I’ve covered. Help me get to where the news is. Thanks for everything you do.


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