The Obama administration didn’t want voters to know that Ansar Al Sharia struck again on 9/11/12 and attacked the CIA operation that was helping to arm the Syrian jihadists.

Most Americans don’t know what “The Caliphate” is.

All Americans need to know.

And they will know…with your help.


It’s not just Christians that are under attack by the jihadists.

It’s Christianity itself.

My name is Lee Stranahan. I’m a reporter & filmmaker.

In August, 2013 I began to report on something that shocked me…

I was reporting for Breitbart News from my home in Texas. Safe & sound.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my computer screen.
I was reading that Syrian rebels were attacking an ancient Christian village called Maaloula; one of the last places on Earth the language of Aramaic was still spoken. Islamists had taken the town, which seemed to have little military value.

But what really stunned me was who was  behind the attacks.

It looked like the United States was actually backing the people killing Christians.
And the more I researched on the internet, the worse the situation looked. The media was towing the Obama line. Assad’s reporting couldn’t be trusted but neither could the U.S. backed rebels.

I did something you might think is crazy…

I went to the Middle East…

I reported on what I saw…

Stranahan has posted a series of “bite-sized” video blogs to YouTube explaining the situation on the ground in Lebanon, and Twitchy is proud to help spread the word about Christian refugees from a terrific reporter exposing what should be all over the U.S. media.


I learned about the massive scope of the refugee crisis: thousands of people flooding into Lebanon from Syria every day.

The goal of the jihadists in Syria is to set up a Caliphate…and whether they succeed or not, they have turned the country into “a hell.”

A funny thing happened on the road to Damascus…

I began this project feeling called by God…but not as a Christian.  As I continued to develop The Caliphate,  I had so many good people encouraging me and praying for me.

Along the way, I made the best decision of my life; I stopped resisting and accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my savior.

With your help, we can tell the world this story.

I’m aiming The Caliphate at a general audience, not just Christians or conservatives. I’m not going to water down the message but I don’t want to just preach to the choir.

The movie will lay out the clear evidence for what’s happening in the Middle East and why the situation is so vital for all Americans, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.

I need your help to make this film…

Thanks to the support of people like you, I was able to travel to Lebanon in Septmenber. What we were able to accomplish there was nothing short of amazing.

Help me spread the word…

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The complete budget for the film is here.

We’re at the crossroads. Don’t ignore this.

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