Do These Voices Sound The Same To You?

I’m going to keep this simple: watch this video and listen to the voices. Do they sound like the same person to you?

If you want to know the details about why it matters, read Patterico’s epic post on this.


  1. Yes. It’s the same person. Without knowing the rest of this, those voices strongly seem to be the same person. With knowing the rest of this… Ron’s malice towards the swatting victim and his family (which is just psycho)… Ron’s opportunity to hear the police show up and also his calling before the swatting (Which the necessary break in the call)… Ron’s clear association with Brett Kimberlin… Ron’s need to smear all of Kimberlin’s critics…

    That’s beyond a reasonable doubt, in my opinion, that Ron is the swatter.

  2. Without a doubt. Those are the same person. Good job Sir!

  3. This is so frikken effed up. If it was the same guy, dude needs jail time and possibly serious medication. And the fact that he was on the phone with pat, almost like he wanted something dark in Pat’s hand when he answered the door… It’s just sick. The whole damn thing. You guys stay safe.



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