Little Green WTF Part1

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs won’t correct his ‘Breitbart Laptop Menu’ board post…so he goes on the attack!

And it’s humiliating in…I don’t even know what to call it. Seriously, WTF do you call this level of blatant, clear, easy to prove false pile of fibbing?

So here’s his first claim…

He launched this effort with a charming post full of the usual moronic right wing insults: Little Green Liar Selectively Edits Breitbart.

Stranahan’s disgust for me is so overwhelming that he’s unable to type my name, and calls me “Chuckles” throughout his vitriolic post. He claims that I “selectively edited” Andrew Breitbart’s statement about the leaked photo.

My “Chuckles” alter ego apparently has some amazing powers of deception — because the post in question quoted Andrew Breitbart’s statement in full. Every word of it.

This attack fell flat almost immediately, because it was obviously, ridiculously false — even Stranahan’s own commenters could see it:

Let’s go to the screen grab, straight from LGF!


Okay. Ready? This is sad.

Chuckles says I never made any mention of it….but both of my screengrabs in the original piece were from HIS site.

And – I never made any mention of it?

Here’s the first and second comments from that post…


That’s me. Mentioning and responding.

And see the […] – that’s where Chuckles literally clipped out my comment.

How stupid does he think his readers are?


  1. He doesn’t think his readers are stupid, Lee. He knows his readers are stupid. He plays to the audience he want,s et voilà!

  2. Actually considering the level of blind loyalty demanded in order to remain active on his site the question answers itself.

  3. He doesn’t think his readers are too stupid to see he’s lying. He thinks his readers don’t care that he’s lying.

    He reacts to a story about how he changes meaning by stripping context, and yet he has to do that again to your comments section? That’s just hilarious.

    What’s not hilarious is that his few remaining fans actually want to see Chuckles show this degree of irrational anger. And yet it wasn’t long ago (as in a week ago) that Chuckles and his fanboys were screaming about how Breitbart didn’t include context he didn’t even have access to (which also didn’t contradict anything, but simply made Sherrod look good after admitting to something bad that she actually is guilty of).

    They were so angry about the absence of full context, and now it’s clear that’s projection. They think stripping context to change meaning is a valuable weapon to deploy.

    I love how the second shill acts as though he’s never heard of LGF and is a disinterested observer. Now, on that count, they really are acting as though they think people are stupid.

    He meant to change the meaning, and his entire attack was unfair and hysterical, which is like saying water is wet.

  4. Datechguy, I was banned from his site merely for not going out of my way to be Charles’s fan. You’re completely right.

    I wasn’t even critical of Charles. I simply was respecting a valid criticism of Charles on a different matter, and boom, I’m banned. Not even the slightest degree of criticism. Actually, I was much milder than I’ve been towards Stranahan.

  5. Hang on…how do I ban Dustin….?


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