Bill Schmalfeldt Wants To Put Me In Jail

This isn’t paranoia. This isn’t a hunch. Bill Schmalfeldt has stated explicitly that his goal is to put me in jail. He said it back in November 24th, 2012 in this article published on BreitbartUnmasked.


On November 21st, he also said said “You are a fraud, a sham, a liar and a thief. You belong in jail. I will do what I can to make that come true, within the bounds of law.”

Just days after Bill Schmalfeldt stated his goal as putting me in jail, he said:

If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.
Bill Schmalfeldt  (@LiberalGrouch) November 30, 2012

His ‘investigation’ of me isn’t a journalistic enterprise. The goal is to find something–anything–to put me in jail. His list of charges keeps growing as he flails around in a clear, explicit, avowed attempt to destroy me.

I meet with the State’s Attorney soon to discuss this case of harassment against me and my family.


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  1. Good luck with the States Attorney. Be sure to ask him about blogging about BS, just to make sure you are not harming your case


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