Bill Schmalfeldt: The Stranger Who Harassed My Family

Starting in June 2012, my family and I have been cyberstalked, bullied and harassed by a total stranger; a Maryland man named Bill Schmalfeldt.

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Among other things, Mr. Schmalfeldt has :

  • Made repeated, direct contact with me and members of my family via email & Twitter, demanding I answer his questions about his ‘investigation’ in me and my family
  • Continued this direct contact after being asked not to ; sometimes directed over 100 messages a day directly at us with questions for his ‘investigation’
  • Posted our personal information, including making a video of our address after a rape threat had been made by an associate of Mr. Schmalfeldt’s
  • Made constant sexual references about both my wife and I, including frequent mentions of our genitalia and fantasies about selling my wife and raping me
  • Tormented us about the death of our newborn daughter Collette
  • Posted photos of our children and contacted child protective services
  • Contacted over half a dozen law enforcement agencies when I wouldn’t answer the bizarre personal questions he would ask for his ‘investigations’
  • Attempted to get me fired, arrested & have my children taken from me
  • Contacted friends, family, business associates and even total strangers who spoke to me online


In short, it’s been a nightmare.

Why has Bill Schmalfeldt carried out his campaign? Part of it seems to be politically motivated but this goes far beyond politics. I write for a political website and I’m a “Consenting Adults” Conservative who is fairly libertarian on social issues but we’ve had people on the left, right, center and who could care less about politics send comments about how awful this situation is. 

After months of my family enduring Mr. Schmalfeldt’s rentlentless and attacks, I decided to press criminal harassment charges against him after his behavior intensified in January and February, 2013 and after he told me he would keep contacting my any time he wanted despite multiple requests that he stop emailing me.

After I filed criminal charges and said in my statement about it that I planned not to discuss the story very much, Bill Schmalfeldt actually increased his attacks on us. I then decided I needed to do something to counter his campaign of aggressive lies so I began documenting some of his behavior.

This page is designed as an organized way to understand the story. Check back for updates.

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  1. Doesn’t get much lower than making fun of the death of an infant. These people are human garbage.


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