Join Me & Fight For Real Reform

If you’re like me, you’re watching the health care debate and wondering whether everything we fought for in the 2008 election is going to be lost.

With your help, I can fight the battle on health care reform so we can win it….

We can’t count on the politicians or media to tell the truth.  It’s up to us. I’m just one person but I’m using every tool at my disposal – my columns on Huffington Post are getting featured (like this one that tells some of my personal story and this one about Rahm Emanuel) and I’m producing videos at a pace of about one per day. In fact…

I’ve produced more videos on health care reform than every other PAC or political group put together.

I have been able to work fast, hit hard and get the word out there because regular people have been able to help out with their direct contributions. And I’ve delivered massive value – video after video, plus all the promotion that helps get them seen.

Here’s what one of the most respected voices in the progressive blogosphere, Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo said about my videos…

"Everybody is taking a stab at web video these days.  But no one does it with the verve, technical mastery or punch in the face relevance and humor behind every one of Lee Stranahan’s productions.  If I were stuck on a desert island with only a laptop and a few digital media files, I’d be sure some of them were his.  I’m a big, big fan.  " – Josh Marshall

I’m the smallest political organization you can imagine – just me. That’s why I need your contribution of $10, $20, $100 – whatever you can afford. Help me fight this battle – for all of us…

Thank you….