Computer Records Appear To Tie Stockman To 501(c)(4) Behind Fake Newspaper

Computer Records Appear To Tie Stockman To 501(c)(4) Behind Fake Newspaper

Records found on the website for a 501(c)(4) group called the Center for the America Future indicate that donations made to the group are going to Steve Stockman’s Senate campaign.

I broke the story on Breitbart Texas on Wednesday that a fake newspaper called Conservative Newshad been sent to people in Houston and Austin. The paper attacked Sen. John Cornyn and supported primary challenger Rep. Steve Stockman and did not have the FEC required “Paid For By” notice. I reported that the website connected to the newspaper was commissioned by longtime Stockman associate Jay Posey.

Now, records discovered on the website are are even more explicit connection to the Stockman campaign. The records contains names and addresses of donors, along with the amount of their donation. Each donation record reads:

description => Stockman for Senate 2014 Donation

I’ve confirmed a number of names and addresses on the list and they all appear to be real people from several different states.

Here’s a few redacted examples:

stockman-record3 stockman-record2 stockman-record1


Incompetent Media Help Ohio AG DeWine Get His Politically Motivated Steubenville Headline

Incompetent Media Help Ohio AG DeWine Get His Politically Motivated Steubenville Headline

130116044714_SteubenvilleMost people just read the headlines.

People are busy, of course. They can’t read every story, much less vet every fact in those stories.

That’s why the public needs news media it can trust.

Remember :  Matthew Belardine has not been accused  of covering up a rape. 

The Steubenville Rape Care has been misreported since the time that an obscure blogger named Alexandria Goddard got involved. Goddard, who has her own axe to grind against Steubenville as well as her own history of bizarre sexual assaults. helped lead the MSM down a path of bad reporting, rumor and flat out lies.

If you aren’t up to speed on the story, I’ve blogged about it extensively on my site Steubenville: The Real Story.

The town of Steubenville itself came under attack. Officials and citizens were harassed and threatened. Schools were shut down because of threats. A computer hacking released false and defamatory information as well as bank records.

But not one arrest for the pompous terrorists who often hid behind the Guy Fawkes mask of Anonymous.

After seeing the media onslaught, Ohio Attorney General chose to jump on the bandwagon of attacking the residents of Steubenville.

The goal is to make the false rumors that ‘coaches and officials covered up the Steubenville rape case’ seem true.

Well, A.G. DeWine got this headline.

It blares from an AP story on Huffington Post.

Trial Set For Matthew Belardine, Football Coach Accused Of Thwarting Steubenville Rape Investigation

Complete with a photo.

I told you to remember : Matthew Belardine has not been accused  of covering up a rape. 

The rape occurred AFTER the party. Matt Belardine had no firsthand knowledge of it at all.

He didn’t thwart the rape investigation.

Does the truth matter?

Not to the AP.

Not to the Huffington Post.

Not to the dozen of other media outlets that will pick up the AP Story.

Not when Mike DeWine needs a headline.

Was Issa’s Secret Immigration Enforcement Plan Tougher Than Expected? And Who Cares?

Was Issa’s Secret Immigration Enforcement Plan Tougher Than Expected? And Who Cares?

Two questions on immigration for hard-liners:

  • Is deporting all 11+ million illegal immigrants to the only acceptable solution?
  • How would you deport all 11+ million, realistically?

A leaked memo released on Monday shows that an immigration enforcement bill proposal that Rep. Darrell Issa floated to Politico in October does provide a pathway to citizenship for some, it may actually be tougher on illegal immigrants than many expected.

The previously unreleased one page memo for Issa’s Alien Accountability Act was released by liberal Florida immigration attorney Susan Pai. who blasted Issa’s proposals as ‘draconian’ and ‘unconstitutional and borderline insane’ — those may be high compliments coming from Pai.


Darrell Issa’s office confirmed the memo came from their office and gave Breitbart News a statement saying:

Rep. Issa continues to update and refine a proposal, however the lack of trust in this Administration’s commitment to border security and enforcement is a substantial obstacle to achieving broader reforms.  Ongoing discussions have continually identified new issues to address – key provisions and even the bill title are still under development.

The Alien Accountability Act was mentioned in an October, 2013 piece in Politico, where Issa said:

“It’s halfway – and it always has been – halfway between full amnesty and simply rejecting people,” Issa told POLITICO on Wednesday. “I think if we’re going to break this logjam that’s occurred for my whole 13 years I’ve been in Congress, we have to find middle ground.”

That ‘halfway between full amnesty’ quote gave pause to many who worry about politicians like Issa supporting an immigration reform policy that grants legal status to those in the country illegally. In potentially worrisome quote from the Politico interview, Issa said:

“If somebody has a nexus that would reasonably allow them to become permanent residents and American citizen, we should allow them to do that,” Issa said. He added: “Our view is that long before six years, people would be in those categories heading toward some other pathway, in a guest worker program, or of course, have left the country.”

At the time of Issa’s interview in October, 2013 some on the right expected that Issa’s bill was really amnesty in sheep’s clothing.

The actual bill was never actually introduced but the leaked memo appears to show that Issa’s plan was much tougher on the estimated eleven million illegal aliens currently in the United States than Issa’s critics assumed.

The proposal would force all illegal immigrants to register with the Department of Homeland Security in six months or, as the memo says:

Aliens failing to register and cooperate with DHS have window to depart voluntarily at the alien’s own expense. Failure to depart can result in criminal prosecution and increased civil penalties.

Issa’s Alien Accountability Act memo says it allows for “temporary, nonimmigrant status” but only under ‘strict criteria.” The memo says clearly something that temporary aliens who receive no entitlements, stating that they:

Must prove that they are able to economically support themselves and dependents. Any approved alien will be ineligible for public welfare benefits.

The leaked document contains two previously unreported requirements, namely that only one illegal immigrant from a family can register to with the DHS and that any illegal alien currently in deportation proceedings ‘must leave.’

Requiring ‘relatives of participating aliens’ to leave the country or face civil and criminal penalties would greatly reduce the number of eligible illegal immigrants and therefore is likely to appeal to Americans who want stronger enforcement.

That assumes, however, that the Obama administration would enforce it.

Issa’s idea of removing ‘aliens with pending deportation cases’ would likely face a legal challenge, however. Attorney Pai was especially brutal on the proposal to deport those currently in proceedings, saying the idea raises Constitutional and due process concerns and lecturing conservatives:

Darrell Issa mandates that if you’re in an immigration proceeding, back you go. That means everybody goes back; from Castro-hating Cubans seeking a better life to pale skinned Brits who fell in love with an American to Iranian Christians fearing religious persecution.

Issa has proposed a number of slightly similar pieces of legislation over the years, such as a 2003 bill also called the Alien Accountability Act. However, that legislation differed from what’s outlined in the leaked memo by focusing more on people crossing the border than those already here. The 2003 bill also did not include specific proposals in the leaked memo such as the required removal of people who are currently in deportation proceedings.

But does ‘tougher than expected’ matter in this political climate?

CORRECTION: Tea Party Donations DID NOT Go To Liberal Rep. David Price (D-NC)

CORRECTION: Tea Party Donations DID NOT Go To Liberal Rep. David Price (D-NC)

Originally  published March 5th; moved because of inaccurate reporting by The Leadership Fund, see below. 

CORRECTION: I just got an email making it clear that The Leadership Fund did NOT intentionally send a donation to liberal congressman David Price.

Due to an error on the part of the The Leadership Fund, a check meant for Georgia congressman Tom Price went to North Carolina congressman David Price.

In reporting this stormy, I had attempted unsuccessfuly to get comment from The Leadership Fund and treasusrer Dan Backer.

Here’s the email from David Price’s office.

Mr. Stranahan,

I read your post (

regarding a contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund to Rep. David Price (NC-04) and wanted to correct the record.

Congressman David Price has never received a contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund. The $1500 contribution that you reference in your article, was in fact a contribution to Rep. Tom Price (GA-06) that was misreported to the Federal Election Commission by the Tea Party Leadership Fund.  For your reference I am attaching the relevant pages from the January 31 Year End Reports filed by both Rep. Tom Price’s committee, Price for Congress (C00386755), and the Tea Party Leadership Fund.

If you check the Year End Report filed by Rep. Price David Price’s campaign committee (C00195628) on the  FEC website you will see that no contribution from the Tea Party Leadership Fund has been accepted or reported by Congressman David Price.

Below is a message to Dan Backer, Treasurer for the Tea Party Leadership Fund alerting him to the mistake and requesting that a correction be made as soon as possible.  We would also appreciate your making the correction in your story.


Anna Tilghman




Why Did Allison LeFer Send $500,000 To The National Right to Work Committee?

Why Did Allison LeFer Send $500,000 To The National Right to Work Committee?

Christian LeFer

Christian LeFer

Try to put yourself in the grand jury’s place. Does what you’re about to see look suspicious?

I’ve written about Christian LeFer, the National Right to Work Committee lobbyist who worked in Colorado and Montana and was involved in election shenanigans there : read this article

I’ve also written about the disturbing way so many of the people involved in the NRTW scandal involved their wives, like disgraced former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson.

This involvement can lead to legal trouble for the wives, too. Right now up in Montana, Rep. Mike Miller is facing legal trouble and so is his wife, thanks to the involvement of Christian LeFer. LeFer got the Republican and his wife involved in the National Right to Work Committee ‘mail program’ that involved illegal writing, printing and mailing of campaign letters.

In order to try and hide the illegal activity, Christian LeFer set up a front group called Western Traditions Partnership. He manipulated college students with promises that working with him would be good for their resumes and that he’d handle everything.

And of course, Christian LeFer used his wife Allison, too.

Even though Christian LeFer has tried to deny his involvement with Western Traditions Partnership as law enforcement started to look into it, guess who was the signee on the group’s bank account?

If you guessed Christian LeFer, you’re giving him too much credit for personal responsibility.

No, it’s Allison LeFer who’s on the hook according to Western Traditions Partnership’ bank records.

And there were some VERY strange transactions — like the time half a million dollars came into the account from a 501(c)(4) group called Coloradans For Economic Growth…

And then a couple of days later, $500,000 went out to the National Right to Work Committee.

Right now, a grand jury in Montana is weighing evidence. What would you think?

See for yourself.