Media Matters: How They Deceive & Why It Matters

Yesterday, I did a piece showing how Media Matters used deceptive editing techniques on the Fox / Bill Sammon story. I’m still waiting to hear back from Sammon before I do part two but I wanted to show you a couple of more videos that I’ve done in the meantime.

The first one shows how Media Matters used the ‘straw man’ fallacy to attempt to discredit the piece published by Lila Rose yesterday on the Mammosham story. As I say in the video, your position on the controversial issue of abortion doesn’t really matter here – Media Matters are contemptible news twisters.

But – who cares? So Media Matters lies. You know that so why does it matter? That’s what my second video is about. It matter because they have influence on the media narrative today and through the effective use of SEO techniques, they are also writing tomorrow’s ‘history book’. Watch and see what I mean.

Breastfeeding Freak Out

For years, baby dolls came with a bottle as standard equipment…sending a non-so-subtle signal about how babies are ‘supposed’ to be fed to little girls who wanted to pretend they were Mommies.

Now that more and more real mommies have shaken off the formula industry marketing and realized the health and bonding benefits of breast feeding, there’s a doll coming to market that shows a baby nursing.

And cue the freak out in….3…2….

My favorite comment? The one about making a toy that simulates labor pains — because who would think of that? And…why would they think of that?

And yes, my wife chose to breastfeed and people who freak about it drive her up the wall.