Y!ME And My T30

Got an iRiver T30, because it’s now compatible with Audible. Good, I thought. Now I can have Yahoo Music Engine music and ebooks on the same device. But of course, it’s another mess. None of the music from Y! will license and troubleshooting stuff doesn’t work either. I just shot off a letter to customer service but I’m not at all hopeful of getting a coherent response.

Many Books

I was kind of excited when I saw ManyBooks.net, because I like having eBooks on my PocketPC. But it seems like the format I need isn’t available right now. Not sure why, but it’s a safe bet that it involves fucking lawyers. Couldn’t get anything to work on my PDA. Life is a series of small frustrations.

More Linux

I brought my 128 Meg USB Flash Drive in, hooked it up to the Linux machine and rebooted. Dynebolic found it no problem. Did the Nest thing which stores settings and that worked too. Yay! No entering proxy settings every time to use Mozilla. Tried to download Flock and a Flash plug-in, no not working. No idea why. Tomorrow is another day.


I guess I’ve been going through a little DIY revolution lately. My interests have really always revolved around indie media and cheap cool technology. It’s what sparked my intial interest in the Video Toaster and the Fairlight CVI before that and the Amiga before that and the TRS-80 and my dad’s giant portable video set-up before that. Although, admittedly the TRS-80 and the VHS porta-pack weren’t cheap at all. It’s why I started a magazine and movies and stuff like that. If I think about it, it’s a really clear thread and I’ve gotten away from it somehow in the last few years. I just didn’t have time to get creative and get excited. I’m feeling that lately but with my 40 year old brain and experiences.