Shopping Morning

Jack and I went to do a serious car wash job this morning. We cleaned out a ton of papers and junk and even moved the seats around. Jack also got to work the hose, which is very exciting when you’re 5 years old. Okay, to be honest I’m 40 years old and it’s still kind of exciting.

Then we went to the burbank farmer’s market, the discount bread store, the Russian grocery Deli Chenar, Trader Joes and finally Albertson’s, getting little tiny bits of things as we went. It was like three hours of shopping but we got great, fresh stuff. I tried and failed to make a computer work, took a nap for the rest of the afternoon and now it’s eight o’clock and I’m on a Nacho hunt.

Things Are Okay

Interesting times. Interesting conversations with film producers in New Mexico and people like Dan Walker, who came over for lunch today. Lots of possibilities and of course nobody can say where it’s all going to go.

Sad Songs / Sad Experience With YME

Continuing my Sufjan Stevens obsession, I’ve been reading and posting on a board called Interesting discussions about what people think different songs mean and stuff like that. There was a thread about Sad Songs that people like and there were a bunch of songs and artists that I’d never heard of before, so cool – a bunch of new music to listen to.


I went to Yahoo Music Engine and made a playlist.…B-087DD22500E5

And then I tried to transfer the playlist to my Zen V – and it wouldn’t work. An hour later, still wouldn’t work. All the tracks had licensing errors and when I re-licensed they still had licensing errors. Totally fucked. I got it to transfer at work, but very frustrating.