Conflict Of Interest? Was Tea Party Donor Money Used To Promote Case For Dan Backer, Esq.?

Conflict Of Interest? Was Tea Party Donor Money Used To Promote Case For Dan Backer, Esq.?

If Tea Party supporters follow the money they donated to Leadership Fund, will they agree it’s being used as they expected?

It appears  to me that an attorney named Dan Backer routed tens of thousands of dollars in donor money from a group that actively solicits money from Tea Party supporters into a fund that sent nearly $15,000 each to U.S. Senators in order to get their support on a court case that Backer himself is leading and using to built his own reputation and woo clients.

Don’t take my word on any of this. Click the links, follow along and make up your own mind.

Dan Backer is treasurer of Leadership Fund.  This controversial group has brought in $3,500,000 this election cycle.


That money came from primarily from grassroots  supporters who send money to support ‘the Tea Party movement.’


$40,000 from from The Leadership Fund  goes to a group called In Defense of Free Speech Jfc.


Here’s the FEC filing for In Defense of Free Speech Jfc.

The In Defense of Free Speech Jfc group was set up by Dan Backer.


Remember that Dan Backer is both the Treasurer of The Leadership Fund AND started the Joint Fundraising Committee that the TPLF gave the money to.

The money went to Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. 


So $40,000 in donor money from a group Backer is treasurer of  and was sent to another a group he started and then on to McConnell, Cornyn, Cruz and Lee.

Why did this money go to them? 

It’s very clear that $40,000 in Tea Party donor money went to four Senators, including Cornyn and McConnell.

Why? Dan Backer isn’t answering those questions.

The In Defense of Free Speech Jfc appears to be connected to a court case Backer is leading called McCutcheon vs. FEC.



One of the other donors to the In Defense of Free Speech Jfc is plaintiff Shaun McCutcheon.


Backer promotes the McCutcheon case as a free speech issue and has been using the case to promote himself, as this recent article from USA Today shows:

“The government shouldn’t be in the business of policing speech,” Backer said during an interview at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference — an annual gathering that is part pep rally, trade show and media madhouse that attracts some of the Republican Party’s most ardent conservative activists.

It’s a place where Backer gets a lot of business done. It was at this conference three years ago that Backer met Shaun McCutcheon, a wealthy Alabama electrical engineer who is the named plaintiff in the case. A few months after their initial meeting, Backer helped McCutcheon launch a super PAC, Conservative Action Fund.

About a year after their first meeting, Backer persuaded McCutcheon to confront the aggregate limits in court.

Is this a conflict of interest?

Is this the way Tea Party supporters want their money spent?

Please help spread the word.


Rep. Steve Stockman Partied With Dirty Tricks Operative Dimitri Kesari At CPAC

Rep. Steve Stockman Partied With Dirty Tricks Operative Dimitri Kesari At CPAC


Dimitri Kesari

Dimitri Kesari

Photos taken at a CPAC party with Texas Rep. Steve Stockman drinking near a hot tub actually show another link in the chain that connects self-proclaimed ‘Tea Party Republicans’ like Stockman with election wrongdoing and establishment GOP figures like Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

The man standing next to  Stockman is Dimitri Kesari and unless you’ve been closely following the #Staffergate story I’ve been reporting for several months, he’s probably nobody you’ve ever heard of.

However, be on notice: there are currently not one but TWO grand juries looking into illegal election activity connected to Dimitri Kesari, so it’s a name you might want to remember. 

The “CPAC Hot Tub Party” becomes notorious, especially after Lachlan Markay put out two photos that show Stockman standing next to the hot tub with a drink in his hand…but few noticed that he was standing next to Dimitri Kesari.

(For a different take on Hot Tub Party, read this from Miss Ruth at Misfit Politics. Full disclosure: Miss Ruth gave me a brownie once.)

This story involves connections between  well-known people like McConnell and Stockman and the people behind the scenes that few people have heard of.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Washington insiders connected to this:

  • Dimitri Kesari: a GOP operative and the man in the photo; established connections to Stockman and McConnell
  • Donny Ferguson: Stockman’s right hand man; was also involved in Montana political scandal connected to Kesari
  • Eugene Delgaudio:  Controversial politician and operative from Virginna, he dropped a big mailer during the Stockman primary campaign but didn’t reveal close ties to Donny Ferguson. Delgaudio is also very close to Kesari.
  • Dan Backer :  Attorney who was the campaign treasurer for Stockman; he also funneled Tea Party donor money to McConnell campaign.

Who is Dimiti Kesari?

As I wrote in my December, 2013 article #StafferGate, Steve Stockman, Donny Ferguson & The Montana Connection, Dimiti Kesari was one of the people behind the secret printing presses that were helping candidates, apparently in violation of election law. The Montana election malfeasance is major scandal in that state. 

Dimitri Kesari is a longtime political operative with extensive ties to both the National Right to Work Committee and the Ron Paul movement. Kesari has set up groups connected to both Paul’s Campaign for Liberty as well as affiliates of the NRTWC.

So, how does this all Iowa activity relate to Texas Rep. Steve Stockman, his campaign manager / senior advisor Danny Ferguson, and the trouble in Montana?

To understand that, you need to know about the secret printing presses that Dimitri Kesari is said to have set up in Iowa.

The secret Iowa printing operation allowed Kesari to coordinate political mailings for candidates using voter lists that were targeted using surveys that had been conducted by, among other, groups connected to the National Right to Work Committee. Sources involved say that these mailings were done in Iowa ‘off the books’; not listed an expense as required by election law on the candidates expenditure records.

Kesari was also at the center of another scandal in Iowa in 2011, where Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson was paid $100,000 to jump ship from the presidential campaign of Rep. Bachmann to that of Ron Paul.

Part of that massive payment came in the form of a $25,000 checkwritten to Sorenson’s wife by a top Ron Paul staffer named Dimitri Kesari. The Iowa ethics investigation reported included a photo of the check, which Sorenson had not cashed. Dimitri Kesari had written the check from the account of a jewelry business owned by Kesari’s wife. In this secretly recorded audio, Sorenson claims that Dimitri Kesari had written the check at a restaurant dinner and given it to Sorenson’s wife while Sorenson was using the restroom.

Kesari was the deputy campaign manager for Ron Paul’s campaign at the time and it’s still unclear where he got the money to bribe Sorenson. Sorenson stepped down from office after an ethics reported revealed this info: more on that story here. 

Donny Ferguson

Donny Ferguson

Kesari also has a connection to Stockman spokesman Donny Ferguson though Loundoun County, Virigina political fundraiser and performance artist Eugene Delgaudio. I wrote about Ferguson’s connection to Delgaudio in this story that was rejected by Breitbart Texas managing direct Brandon Darby.

There’s another interesting connection to my dismissal by Darby: I was fired by Darby over research I was doing in Steve Stockman’s campaign treasurer Dan Backer and how he’d funneled money to Mitch McConnell AND Stockman’s primary opponent John Cornyn.

Interestingly enough, Kersari was also paid $70,000 by Mitch McConnell’s campaign in 2013. The money went through a shell corporation  called Hyllus that was tracked to Kersari by Open Secrets back in November:

Kesari did not return emails about yesterday’s story or today’s findings. Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s grandson-in-law who is running McConnell’s campaign, also did not return an email asking for comment.
Besides the $61,954 paid by the McConnell campaign, the senator’s leadership PAC,Bluegrass Committeealso paid Hyllus $10,145 on Feb. 19 — the same day the campaign paid the firm $7,102.
Tea Party Supported Sen. Tim Scott’s PAC Gave Big To McConnell & Cornyn

Tea Party Supported Sen. Tim Scott’s PAC Gave Big To McConnell & Cornyn

Five years after the birth of the Tea Party, welcome to the sell out.

DanBackerThis is turning into a pattern, it seems. Just like the story that got me fired from Breitbart about The Leadership Fund, another PAC has given big to establishment Republican Senators John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell.

And predictably by this point, the treasurer is Dan Backer, Esq.


Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) won his Senate seat with explicit support of various Tea Party groups. He won it with the support of Tea Party favorites like Sarah Palin.

Now that he’s in office, Scott seems to have lost his taste for tea.

What else explains why Tim Scott’s Tomorrow Is Meaningful PAC–TIM PAC for short–give $10,000 to McConnell’s campaign? Or $5,000 to Cornyn? Or…even $2,500 to Susan Collins? These are not exactly Tea Party favorites.

Check the expenditure reports at yourself:


That is not a list to warm the heart of any patriotic Tea Party supporter.

Oh, and in case of you were wondering — the The Leadership Fund that Backer is treasurer of did give Scott a little money; $1,000. In fact, by my calculations five of the seven Senate candidates that The Leadership Fund gave money to seem to have Dan Backer connections.


Note : All of this assumes that Backer filled out the reports I’m discussing here correctly. It seems that sometimes Backer doesn’t fill out the FEC filings correctly and it’s not my job to constantly check his work. 

Money Flowed From Stockman From (& To) Leadership Fund

Money Flowed From Stockman From (& To) Leadership Fund

If my calculations and the filing are correct, the Senate campaign of Rep. Steve Stockman (treasurer: Dan Backer, Esq.) paid more money out TO Todd Cefaratti’s group The Leadership Fund and to Cefaratti’s company Glengary, Inc than the The Leadership Fund paid TO Stockman.

In other words, it looks like Todd Cefaratti’s company and political group made a slight profit on the Stockman campaign, while giving the impression that The Leadership Fund was supporting him.

The Players: Todd Cefaratti & Dan Backer

If you aren’t familiar with The Leadership Fund and Todd Cefaratti, here’s a news story from 2010 to give you a sense of who we’re talking about here:

CBS 5 News began its investigation into the company after receiving a phone call from an East Coast tea party activist who said nobody within the tea party movement he had spoken to had heard of the Mesa organization. The caller also told CBS 5 News it did not appear the organization was spending any of its donations to support tea party priorities.

2014-03-15_05-34-16Among the findings of the CBS 5 News investigation, the organization spent $181,000 on Google, Facebook and other websites for advertising. As a result, when CBS 5 producers typed the phrase, “tea party,” into the Google search engine, the first paid advertisement that popped up was for

Additional digging into the organization’s background revealed the director of the nonprofit also has ties to companies that collect and sell people’s personal information. Todd Cefaratti is listed as the director the the nonprofit, as well as a company known as

At a recent tea party rally at the state Capitol, no tea party supporters approached by CBS 5 News had heard of the website.

Flash forward to 2014.

Ceferatti’s group is now called The Leadership Fund and they’ve raised close to $3,500,000 in donations from ads such as this one from Facebook that tells donors they are supporting the Tea Party Movement.



Before we go into the numbers, another thing to note is that The Leadership Fund’s treasurer is Dan Backer, Esq. That’s important because the treasurer for Steve Stockman for Senate campaign is none other than Dam Backer, Esq.

That’s correct : the same Dan Backer oversees money going in and out of both the Stockman campaign and the TPLF.

The Money In & Out of The Stockman Campaign

This is fairly simple math.

What did The Leadership Fund give TO Stockman? According to their filings, $2,500.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Going through the latest FEC filing from Stockman (prepared by Dan Backer, Esq) you can find that Stockman seems to have giving $2,590.50 TO The Leadership Fund and Todd Cefaratti’s company Glengary, Inc.

So, it appears Cefaratti’s company and organization didn’t actually give Stockman’s campaign money. They made $90.50.

Not a huge profit, of course. Almost certainly legal.

What is Glengary, Inc?

Under the guidance of President and CEO Todd Cefaratti, Glengary Inc. has become the nation’s premier reverse mortgage lead provider. Founded by Todd Cefaratti in 2007, Glengary Inc. works with some of the top lenders in the country to find homeowners seeking additional income. Reverse mortgages do not require payback while the borrower still lives in the house, so these types of loans are usually only available to senior citizens.

Catch that last line?

Let’s repeat it, so you’re clear on who is on Glengary’s lists: “…these types of loans are usually only available to senior citizens.” 

You know. Senior citizens. Like these Tea Party people protesting in Washington, D.C. last year: the sort of people who want to support the Tea Party Movement.


Here are two videos I made that relate to this story. The first explains how Tea Party donor money (much of it probably from patriots and vets like the men seen above) went to Establishment GOP candidates McConnell and Cornyn.

The second shows how I was fired from Breitbart Texas and betrayed by Brandon Darby, who is trying to discredit me and kill this story.