Creep Sweep

I figured out what bugged me about that Clean Sweep thing I posted – it’s got a very Scientology Personality Test thing going on. Some normal type things like and then some entries that are..weird like I do not suffer. or

I guess I like lists. But sometimes lists are scary.

Clean Sweep

I came across this on the 43 Things website – it’s a clean sweep assessment where you ideally want to get 100% in four different areas. It’s supposed to take six months to two years to complete, which is good since I’m at about a….um….low number. But it’s an interesting sort of checklist although intially it’s just making me feel like shit. The whole thing has kind of a cookie cutter / My Name Is Earl vibe and I’m not sure about some of the items on the list. However, almost all of them are common sense things that are hard to argue and it’s a good reminder of the things that can and do clutter up your mind and life. Or mine, anyway…and apparently enough other people to make a common list.

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First Thing, We Pay All The Lawyers

I have to write a big check today for a fat lot of nothing. I guess the thing that shocked me most about the custody hearing a couple of months ago was how focused on money it was, especially the lawyer money.  Call me naive but I didn’t expect it to be so blatant. They really made sure the lawyers got paid – it’s written into the agreement, with severe penalties for late payments. The lawyer I’m paying is the one the court assigned to Shane, who completely ignored what Shane told him.

Over four thousand dollars for not listening. I’m in the wrong business.

First It Giveth Then It Taketh Away

Yahoo Music Whatever It’s Called has apparently lost the rights to all of Death Cab For Cutie’s old Barsuk Records. None of them are available to listen to for any more than a :30 second snippet. That sucks. On the other hand, they just added Sufjan Steven’s Seven Swans…and try saying that five times fast.

Opposite Of Play

That’s from an interesting blog quoting an interesting sounding book which quotes University of Pennsylvaniaprofessor, Brain Sutton-Smith who says,

“The opposite of play isn’t work. It’s depression. To play is to act out and be willful, exultant and committed as if one is assured of one’s prospects.”

Which explains why my five year old son Jack thinks he can defeat me in a battle – he’s very assured of his prospects!

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