Live365’s Fake 7 Day Free Trial

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So, this morning Live365 pulled money out of my bank account – even though I canceled within 7 days for their ‘7 day free trial’. That’s because they make it very easy to sign up but they tell you when you go to cancel that you need ‘3 business days’ notice. By my math, that’s not a 7 day trial; that’s 4 or maybe 5 possibly, depending on the day you sign up.

It’s bullshit. It’s a business decision to make it hard to cancel; a sneaky, backdoor way of making money and if doesn’t think people are going to call them on it in Web 2.0 world, they are as stupid as they are greedy. Internet radio and DIY broadcasting are already in trouble due to the crazy laws; companies like Live365 with high prices, too many commercials and questionable business practices don’t make it any better.

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Easter Prank…And In Florida, No Less!

AdFreak: Anti-religion ad curbs sale of loaves, fishes

So it was this Easter for Straub’s Seafood restaurant in Orange County, Fla. An anonymous ad with the message “All religions are fairy tales” appeared a week earlier on the same billboard often used to promote the nearby Straub’s. Although the eatery was uninvolved, business reportedly dropped by two-thirds on Easter Sunday. The offending sign was soon removed, with billboard owner MediaNet claiming it was the work of vandals.

AdFreak: Anti-religion ad curbs sale of loaves, fishes

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Tim Ferriss’s Outsourced Blog Experiment

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Tim Ferriss has gotten a lot of press both in the mainstream media and right here on the internets for his ‘Four Hour Workweek’ concept. Turns out he was really serious about it.

This is Tim Ferriss. The real Tim Ferriss.

This is the first time I have written a post on this blog since March 30, 2007, 366 days ago, when I penned “How to Live Like a Rock Star in Buenos Aires.”

In the meantime, a virtual pair—Vanhishikha “Van” Mehra and Roger Espinosa—have taken my blog to the Technorati-1000 (around 600 at best) and had their content featured, under my name, in media from The New York Times to CNBC.

I’ve suggested topics and asked explicitly for some when I had photos or video to post, but Van and Roger are the short answer to the common question: how can you work four hours a week if you spend so much time on the blog?

The answer is: I don’t.

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Ferriss has done is to do what most successful people do; delegate. I think it’s brilliant. And by ‘I’, I mean me. I’m not outsourced yet, sorry.

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Health And The Art of Healing

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Since we’ve had a few hospital stays in the past ten years, Lauren and I have talked about this topic often…why places that are supposed to make you feel better have interior design that makes you feel like shit? Color, lighitng, comfort – not rocket science. Check out all of Virgina Postrel’s article…

Over the past decade, most public places have gotten noticeably better looking. We’ve gone from a world in which Starbucks set a cutting-edge standard for mass-market design to a world in which Starbucks establishes the bare minimum. If your establishment can’t come up with an original look, customers expect at least some sleek wood fixtures, nicely upholstered chairs, and faux–Murano glass pendant lights.

Unless, that is, your establishment is a doctor’s office, medical clinic, or hospital. Mounting clinical evidence suggests that better design can improve patients’ health—not to mention their morale. But the one-sixth of the American economy devoted to health care hasn’t kept up with the rest of the economy’s aesthetic imperative, leaving patients to wonder, as a diabetes blogger puts it, “why hospital clinic interiors have to feel so much like a Motel 6 from the ’70s.”

The Art of Healing

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