Live365’s Fake 7 Day Free Trial

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So, this morning Live365 pulled money out of my bank account – even though I canceled within 7 days for their ‘7 day free trial’. That’s because they make it very easy to sign up but they tell you when you go to cancel that you need ‘3 business days’ notice. By my math, that’s not a 7 day trial; that’s 4 or maybe 5 possibly, depending on the day you sign up.

It’s bullshit. It’s a business decision to make it hard to cancel; a sneaky, backdoor way of making money and if doesn’t think people are going to call them on it in Web 2.0 world, they are as stupid as they are greedy. Internet radio and DIY broadcasting are already in trouble due to the crazy laws; companies like Live365 with high prices, too many commercials and questionable business practices don’t make it any better.

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  1. Write a nice letter to Mark Lam, the CEO.
    Live365 is based in Foster City, CA.
    Explain that a “7-day free trial” with a “3-business days'”
    cancelation policy in the small print is a
    “questionable business practice.”
    I bet you get a refund check in the mail.

  2. Hey, you’re good at this!

  3. Lee: They don’t call me wannabe “cyber=lawyer” for nothing, lol.
    I am not practicing without a license; I admit I have no license.
    But everybody I try to help seems to love my advice.


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