The (Mostly) Unredacted “Legitimate Rape” Threat Letter

I’m headed to Tampa to cover the Republican National Convention , the protests surrounding it and to appear at a special screening of the film Occupy Unmasked. I’m also about to release some compelling new evidence of President Obama’s long ties to corruption and fraud.

So, of course, yesterday Brandon Darby and I were threatened. posted a great piece about it.  I especially love the quote from Larry Solov at the beginning. However, chose to redact a few things from the letter, for reasons I understand, However, I thought it was important to get them out in public. Here’s the letter I was sent; I redacted Brandon’s phone number.

Please note a few things. First, the recipients; Adrian is Gawker reporter Adrian Chen, Brooks is Brooks Bayne, swiftread is Greg W. Howard associate Patrick Read and Ron is Ron Brynaert, Chen

Also notice the endorsement of Brooks Bayne’s site TheTrenches for their months ago campaign of lies and smears against Brandon and I. And recalled that Brooks has made false, outrageous allegations against Brandon Darby & Andrew Breitbart recently.