Secret Hillary

Check out this moment of bullshit from Hillary Clinton that Obama rightly compares to the Bush administration. Here’s the gist – Hillary is running in part on her experience as first lady but Bill Clinton has written a letter to the National Archives telling them not to release material related to Hillary until 2012. Tim Russert asks her about it and she acts like it’s out of her control.


At Long Last, Justice For Roy Pearson

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The wheels of justice move slowly for some….

Roy L. Pearson Jr., the administrative law judge who lost his $54 million lawsuit against a Northeast Washington dry cleaner, lost his job yesterday and was ordered to vacate his office, sources said.

Pearson, 57, who had served as a judge for two years, was up for a 10-year term at the Office of Administrative Hearings, but a judicial committee last week voted against reappointing him.

The panel had a seven-page letter hand-delivered to Pearson about 3:30 p.m., directing him to leave his office by 5 p.m. Pearson’s term ended in May, at the height of his battle with the dry cleaners. Since then, he has remained on the payroll, making $100,000 a year as an attorney adviser.

Judge Who Lost Pant Suit Loses Job

As we dicussed in a post a long time ago, Pearson seems combative to a lot of people – aside from his silly $54 (marked down from $67 million) lawsuit against the dry cleaner, he was accused of dragging out his divorce.

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Hulu Up And Running?

The NBC / Fox video service seems to be operational…here’s a clip from Saturday Night Live but there’s a lot of stuff – from old shows like McHale’s Navy and The Mary Tyler Moore Show to new stuff like 30 Rock.

I’m Back

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This is probably the longest gap in blogging I’ve had in a long while. So here’s a quick recap before I get back to regular blogging.

  • I will have an update on Sebastian’s soon. Kitchen Nightmares didn’t air but I was there when it was supposed and I do have a tale to tell.
  • I went to the Creative Screenwriting Expo and took some great classes and met a bunch of nice smart people. I’ll talk about that more soon.
  • I’m getting ready to do NaNoWriMo in November. I got Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software so I can dictate my novel and avoid more carpal tunnel pain.
  • I’ve been networking like a mofo.
  • Variax 300 guitar…very very good thing.
  • Breathing Room work continues.
  • Yay Red Sox. There is no curse. There was, but it’s over. What a fun post season to watch. I wasn’t even worried about the Indians series.

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