Me & Punk Legend Johnny Rotten

Anarchy In Burbank on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

AKA John Lydon after the Sex Pistols appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show…where John sang Anarchy In The U.K. and shook his bum at Ron Paul. Afterwards, he needed ‘a ciggie’ so I sent my son to try and pinch some smokes. It was awesome.


  1. That’s a great photo!

  2. Lydon looked pretty spry for an old geezer. But appearing on the Tonight Show and seeing him so well behaved was a bit of a let down. Anarchy in the UK just isn’t provocative anymore. Too bad it wasn’t live, then they could have done “Belsen Was a Gas”. That would have been shocking.

    No picture with Ron Paul?

  3. Ron Paul had more people waiting for pictures then I’ve ever seen for anybody – a couple of dozen. I just didn’t want to wait…

    Johnny was just standing right there as I was leaving my office…so we chatted for a minute while my son tried to get him cigarettes and then got a couple of pictures.


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