Mad Hot Ballroom

Mad Hot Ballroom

At no point did I want to stand up and cheer out loud, but I did love Mad Hot Ballroom. It’s all about ten and eleven year olds of different races and heights in a ballroom dance competition in New York and if you find kids interesting, you’ll like this film. As one of the kids actually seems to understand, it’s an interesting age where you’re part kid and part pre-teen. The filmmakers just stay out of the way and let the people do what they are doing and it all works. The kids come off better than some of the adults, too.

16 Blocks

16 Blocks (Widescreen Edition)

Here it is – your standard action film. Mostly enjoyable enough if I can just put a drill in my ear and remove the chunk of my brain tthat keeps reminding me of the giant plot holes while I’m watching. I liked Mos Def’s irritating character and it was a good enough role for Bruce Willis but there were only a couple of things that were any kind of suprise to me and enough cliches that I figured out before they happened to make it only moderately enjoyable to watch for me.

Game 6

Game 6

The title of the film relives the night of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series and as a Red Sox fan it’s not really something I wanted to relive. I was watching Game 6 at The Zone in Springfield, Massachusetts backstage with dozens of other people. It sure seemed like they were going to win and then everyone’s heart got ripped out. It was my first real taste of the special kind of pain that was being a Red Sox fan until a couple of years ago.

So, here’s a recipe for a move with a lot of things I’m interested in. Script by Don DeLillo. Soundtrack by Yo La Tengo. The Red Sox. Plus Micheal Keaton, Robert Downey Jr. and Bebe Neuwirth in lingerie. Things just don’t all hang together or go anywhere much. The script had all the right DeLillo touches – the repeated dialog, baseball as life, and a handful of quirky or interesting characters. I really can’t recommend it, though, although I enjoyed it for all the personal reasons I mentioned.

Back With A Vengence

I was under the weather for a few days but I’m here now. I watched a lot of movies and I also joined Netflix and I do like it a lot. I have posts to do all over.

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