Hustle And Flow

Hustle & Flow (Widescreen Edition)

I watched the director’s commentary track of Hustle And Flow before I watched the movie because I didn’t have the remote for my DVD player. I really loved the director’s track – just the writer / director Craig Brewer talking all about how he made the film and his background and a ton of great, interesting info. Then the film kind of sat around for a week or two, so thank god for Netflix.

Finally watched the film over the last couple of nights and it’s a really great film. If you really hate hip hop or southern people or have a stick up your ass, it’s probably not the film for you but Brewer was making a hip hop version of Rocky sort of slammed in Purple Rain and mang, he did it. Tremendously good actiing all around especially by Terrence Howard, who is every bit as good in this as you may have heard but everyone is excellent. Beautifully shot in Super-16mm, the film lives and breathes Memphis. Just a great flick.

Profoundly Tired

Sunday night was the Oscars (copyright registered trademark please don’t sue me etc etc) and that means an all nighter for me at work. I got about an hour’s sleep and a half hour of that was on the floor of my office. I went into work at about quarter ’til ten on Sunday night and got home about quarter ’til nine on Monday morning. I took some kind of pass out nap and then was up at about 11:30am. I took naps on and off throughout the day, watched most of a DVD on screenwriting and tried to build some workflow on my audio stuff. Later on, I did some time on the treadmill and took an Epson salts bath and ended up really deeply tired in a way I hadn’t felt in a while, so the exercise thing will really help the insomnia thing, I think.


This is from ‘The Ten Commandments Of Minsfulness’, which I seriously doubt were called the ten anything and certainly not called commandments, either – but if you’re going to make Buddihism appeal to the West you need to speak their language, I guess the thinking goes.

Anytime I’m just listing the first five but so far – I’m good….suffering body, losts of mishaps and obstacles, no shortcuts, a bit of haunting evil here and there, and no easy success.

1. Yearn not for a body free of disease and suffering, because without going through pain and illness, sundry desires are easily awakened.

2. Wish not for a life free of mishaps and obstacles, because without them one tends to become arrogant and egotistic.

3. Pray not for a quick shortcut regarding spiritual introspect, because without excruciating effort, one becomes short-learning.

4. Fear not the haunting disturbance of evil while accumulating spiritual strength, because without them one’s determination does not grow solid strong.

5. Hope not for easy success in one’s work, because without difficulties and failures, one tends to undervalue others and become overly proud

Muoi dieu tam niem Tam Lac dich

Not really much to disagree with.

Tools And Pills

My sleep troubles have continued and worsened, really. I’m getting a lot of hip pain no matter where or how I sleep. Keeps me up at night. I’m taking pills for all kinds of things lately, too – the safe over the counter kind, not the kind where I end up babbling on a videotape while wearing clown makeup.

Been setting up workflow stuff for video production, DVD authoring, audio production, and music. Lots of copying files from one place to another. Endless wathing meters count up to show the percentage of files moved so far from this device to that device. I often wander across the room from one computer to another, never really comfortable. It’s too hot or too cold or my joints ache or the side of my mouth hurts or I’m tired or my eyes can’t focus or something, always something.

But there’s really no rest possible. Too much I have to do in order to just tread water and to try and keep from going under.