Some Things Brad Pitt Likely Won’t Be Putting In His Steubenville Movie


I thought it was an April Fool’s joke but apparently Brad Pitt’s production company really IS in the early stages of developing a movie about the Steubenville rape case that makes Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous out as the hero.

That’s an odd choice since Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous isn’t a hero.

Forget the fact that he takes credit for helping the case when he did no such thing.

Forget him releasing the victim’s full name in an underrated transcipt that he didn’t even bother to read before posting it to a site where he couldn’t remove it.

Let’s just look at the ‘hacking the site of a person–Jim Parks–who had zero to do with the case and then defaming Parks.

Look at it.

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Incompetent Media Help Ohio AG DeWine Get His Politically Motivated Steubenville Headline


130116044714_SteubenvilleMost people just read the headlines.

People are busy, of course. They can’t read every story, much less vet every fact in those stories.

That’s why the public needs news media it can trust.

Remember :  Matthew Belardine has not been accused  of covering up a rape. 

The Steubenville Rape Care has been misreported since the time that an obscure blogger named Alexandria Goddard got involved. Goddard, who has her own axe to grind against Steubenville as well as her own history of bizarre sexual assaults. helped lead the MSM down a path of bad reporting, rumor and flat out lies.

If you aren’t up to speed on the story, I’ve blogged about it extensively on my site Steubenville: The Real Story.

The town of Steubenville itself came under attack. Officials and citizens were harassed and threatened. Schools were shut down because of threats. A computer hacking released false and defamatory information as well as bank records.

But not one arrest for the pompous terrorists who often hid behind the Guy Fawkes mask of Anonymous.

After seeing the media onslaught, Ohio Attorney General chose to jump on the bandwagon of attacking the residents of Steubenville.

The goal is to make the false rumors that ‘coaches and officials covered up the Steubenville rape case’ seem true.

Well, A.G. DeWine got this headline.

It blares from an AP story on Huffington Post.

Trial Set For Matthew Belardine, Football Coach Accused Of Thwarting Steubenville Rape Investigation

Complete with a photo.

I told you to remember : Matthew Belardine has not been accused  of covering up a rape. 

The rape occurred AFTER the party. Matt Belardine had no firsthand knowledge of it at all.

He didn’t thwart the rape investigation.

Does the truth matter?

Not to the AP.

Not to the Huffington Post.

Not to the dozen of other media outlets that will pick up the AP Story.

Not when Mike DeWine needs a headline.

Why Does Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous Keep Lying?


2014-01-16_22-57-20Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous was on a BlogTalkRadio show a couple of nights ago and got drilled hard by Joe Prich. The 14 minute YouTube takedown can be heard in its entirety here and if you’ve been following the Steubenville story, it’s well worth a listen.

In this short except from that interview, KY continues to say he heard about the Steubenville in the New York Times article published on December 16, 2012.

Three major problems in that 30 second clip

  1. the New York Times continued to write about the case
  2. that the article says a LOT more than KY says it does; it lays out a lot of the false narrative promoted by blogger Alexandria Goddard
  3.  while Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous claims to have head his interest sparked by an article that came out on December 16th….



Well, in actual fact Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous had already launched what he called #OpRollRedRoll days earlier, as you can see for yourself in this exchange on Twitter with Alexandria Goddard’s vile, potty-mouthed  crone-y Michelle McKee. Check the dates: it’s close to a week earlier than the article where he said he learned about it.


So, what’s up with that? It’s almost like they are trying to hide this relationship, which is extensive.


REVEALED: Why Steubenville Prosecutor Jane Hanlin Has Been Under Investigation


janeRumors have been swirling about a possible investigation of Jefferson Country, Ohio prosecutor Jane Hanlin, who led the initial stage of the infamous ‘Steubenville rape case’ that led to the arrest and eventual conviction of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.

The rumors are true.

There are people who would love to see Mrs. Hanlin brought down. She was the subject on intense discussion when the Steubenville rape story went national. Over 2,500 people signed a petition at Change.Org to have her disbarred. The petition was based on the false rumors promoted by blogger Alexandria Goddard and Anonymous, including baseless accusations that Hanlin was part of a massive cover-up.

For an exhaustive debunking of the falsehoods spread by Goddard and others, visit my separate Steubenville blog.

Apparently influenced by the false Goddard / Anonymous narrative, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine convened a grand jury months ago and it’s led to two indictments so far. Some people were asking if the murmurings of a Hanlin background check meant Hanlin herself was next to be indicated.

Now it can revealed: Jane Hanlin HAS been under investigation for weeks.

At 12:45pm on October 28th, the world can finally know the results of the intensive background search…

Jane Hanlin has been sworn in as a Federal Prosecutor.

At least 2,500 people owe Mrs Hanlin an apology.

The smear campaign against her was a failure. Her amazingly successful record as a prosecutor spoke for itself. 

Congratulations to Jane Hanlin. She endured months of vile falsehoods and even direct threats.

But the assault and harassment against innocent people in Steubenville that  Alexandria Goddard started continues.

And now it’s being helped along by Mike DeWine and an investigation that many in Steubenville say is abusive.