Ubuntu Sort Of Working More

I have a Linux box running Ubuntu in my office but it’s been fairly crippled due to firewall / proxy issues I couldn’t figure out. Well, I figured out some of them today so now I can add software. I like Ubuntu a lot – very professional and nice looking in a Windows sort of way. It’s a pain that some thing – like Quicktime – don’t work, though.

And Jack, Shane and I went to the Apple store at the Glendale Galleria last night some now I’m having Mac lust again, too.

Olberman On Bush’s Pre 9/11 Response

Everyone really needs to watch this – Keith Olberman lays out the facts on what the Bush administration did before the terrorist attacks on September 11th…nothing. Literally nothing. It’s a rare thing for current day news coverage – a very clear news piece that focuses on dates and facts, not opinion. It brings to light a bunch of things that I didn’t know – like a reporter asking Bush’s press secretary in February 2001 about reports that the Taliban was ready to turn over Osama Bin Laden.


More Modern Prefab

Found this video that’s basically an invitation to an open house from architects Hive Modular and landscape design company Rosenlof – Lucas on Seth Godin’s blog where he was mentioning the ‘microbroadcasting’ aspects of it. That’s neat but I’m equally as interested in the modern prefab aspect of it.

My initial impression is that I like the interior a lot but I find the exterior to be too stark and boxy for my current tastes. It’s just missing something for me but I think 10 years ago I would have totally dug it.


My Weekends Are Precious

Another nice and relaxing weekend. Hung out with the kids and the wife. Saw Shane a couple of time since he was in Burbank even though it’s not ‘our weekend.’ I took a couple of nice baths but not enough naps. I have been having trouble sleeping lately or at least I’m noticing it a lot more.

Usual stuff. Cleaned the car, Went to the park. Mattress mountain. Crazy cats, crazy kids. Watched Man In The Moon and then found a bunch of great Andy Kaufman stuff on You Tube. Watched more of When The Levees Broke. Watched the first half of the Chronicles Of Narnia with the kids. I played a lot of noodley guitar.

Jack and Olivia and I went to the Burbank Denny’s on Friday night, which isn’t open 24 hours. We split a Super Bird and a sundae and he kids loved it. They have been clamouring for Denny’s for weeks now because they don’t remember eating at one. Umm. Oy. We had a good lunch at Sapp Coffee Shop on Saturday – very afforable Thai comfort food. Lauren had Pad Thai and I had Ginger Pork and we had Thai Iced Coffee and Tea in mugs that should be used for beer or root beer.

Lauren wrote a post over at her AlanBoxer.com site that was really…sweet, too.