My Weekends Are Precious

Another nice and relaxing weekend. Hung out with the kids and the wife. Saw Shane a couple of time since he was in Burbank even though it’s not ‘our weekend.’ I took a couple of nice baths but not enough naps. I have been having trouble sleeping lately or at least I’m noticing it a lot more.

Usual stuff. Cleaned the car, Went to the park. Mattress mountain. Crazy cats, crazy kids. Watched Man In The Moon and then found a bunch of great Andy Kaufman stuff on You Tube. Watched more of When The Levees Broke. Watched the first half of the Chronicles Of Narnia with the kids. I played a lot of noodley guitar.

Jack and Olivia and I went to the Burbank Denny’s on Friday night, which isn’t open 24 hours. We split a Super Bird and a sundae and he kids loved it. They have been clamouring for Denny’s for weeks now because they don’t remember eating at one. Umm. Oy. We had a good lunch at Sapp Coffee Shop on Saturday – very afforable Thai comfort food. Lauren had Pad Thai and I had Ginger Pork and we had Thai Iced Coffee and Tea in mugs that should be used for beer or root beer.

Lauren wrote a post over at her site that was really…sweet, too.

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