Have A Nice Day


No. It’s not mine. 


After a nasty rainy day, yesterday was amazingly perfect. The L.A. atmosphere was been scrubbed clean by the rain and the air was just crisp and cool enough but the sun was shining. It was exactly weather thats you me happy to live in Southern California, but extra.

Long day of work and then more battles with my ex-wife left me really weary and now I’m feeling worn out all over again. And it’s raining tomorrow.

Run And Hide Your Head


Totally cold miserable rain yesterday. Leaving work, the rain soaked through my jacket and the linen overshirt and down into my Dutch Mafia T Shirt. The kids were soaked, too. I felt like I did when I was a kid and I’d gone sledding, but without quite as much teeth chattering because this is California not Massachusetts. I wanted to take a hot bath and have hot chocolate but instead Lauren made more good Korean food.

And then we went to bed arount 7:30pm. Earlier, I’d loaded my iRiver with new music after making a ‘Like Death Cab For Cutie’ playlist. All sorts of music I wasn’t at all familiar with from bands that I haven’t really listened to. I brought the player to bed, ready to listen and rub Lauren’s back but there was some sort of licensing problem / software error / cruel twist of fate…so I listened to more of my Audible book.

Now it’s 4:30 in the morning and Lauren’s made a yummy cold espresso drink while she has her first double cappacino of the day.

Is Bubble 2.0 About To Pop?

Newsweek is doing a cover story on Web 2.0 / Community sites, which is surely a sign that the whole thing is about to explode. The signs are all there. Google has a market valuation somewhere around the GDP of the entire world. Old people like myself have MySpace pages. And now Newsweek does a blah blah blah piece where a bunch of Web 2.0 CEOs / Founders / Recepients Of Giant Yahoo Checks pose for pictures where they look like grinning douchebags.

The article talks a lot about MySpace, so let me say in Web 1.0 parlance – wtf? MySpace is a big fucking mess. There, I said it. Bold, I know. The pages look like they were designed by high school students stoned on either OG Kush or their savior Jesus Christ. Oh, wait – the pages WERE designed the aforementioned high school students. And where’s the money? I have never spent a dime on MySpace and I could. I have a credit card that I didn’t steal from my parents. Rupert Murdoch spent upwards of $500 million? Well, that’s rich karma. The article says Dane Cook’s fame is due to MySpace, but…ya know….no. Dane Cook is popular because he’s funny and cute as far as comedians go. So, fuck Newsweek. And fuck bees.

Monday Monday

I’m very tired. I was at work at around 5:30am and things were very steady all day. I have a couple of web projects I’ve launched, too, but I’ll be more specific when the content is up a little more. I also got my beta invite for Gmail for Domains, and it’s very nice. I like Gmail a lot already and being able to use it as my domain email is great.

Lauren made yummy Korean food – Kimchi stir fry and some fried cuttlefish. She got rice seasoning at the Korean market and that really made a big difference. Now, it’s carrot cake time.

Workflow (or Why I Might Not Suck As Much As I Think I Do)

At my job, workflow is everything. I’m defining workflow here as a pre-defined set of steps that you follow in order to complete a project. We have tight deadlines at work, so if there weren’t a clear and straightforward workflow for things we’d fail every day. Even for things like my photography, I had a pretty defined workflow set up that allowed me to be productive. The creativity comes within the limits of the workflow.

I have a couple of projects that have been stalled for a bit – my podcast and my Breathing Room film project website. This weekend I realized that the major problem is that I have no workflow set up. So, really…that’s what I need to focus on. Once I build the workflow, the projects will take care of themselves.