Is Bubble 2.0 About To Pop?

Newsweek is doing a cover story on Web 2.0 / Community sites, which is surely a sign that the whole thing is about to explode. The signs are all there. Google has a market valuation somewhere around the GDP of the entire world. Old people like myself have MySpace pages. And now Newsweek does a blah blah blah piece where a bunch of Web 2.0 CEOs / Founders / Recepients Of Giant Yahoo Checks pose for pictures where they look like grinning douchebags.

The article talks a lot about MySpace, so let me say in Web 1.0 parlance – wtf? MySpace is a big fucking mess. There, I said it. Bold, I know. The pages look like they were designed by high school students stoned on either OG Kush or their savior Jesus Christ. Oh, wait – the pages WERE designed the aforementioned high school students. And where’s the money? I have never spent a dime on MySpace and I could. I have a credit card that I didn’t steal from my parents. Rupert Murdoch spent upwards of $500 million? Well, that’s rich karma. The article says Dane Cook’s fame is due to MySpace, but…ya know….no. Dane Cook is popular because he’s funny and cute as far as comedians go. So, fuck Newsweek. And fuck bees.

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