#CustomerLove Interview : LaVonne Ellis

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I love the #CustomerLove challenge and so I did a short interview with LaVonne Ellis about it. Listen to our short conversation about how the challenge started, how you can get involved and even some good suggestions on learning and making money.

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You can learn more about LaVonne at her site MakeCustomersLoveYou.com and CompleteFlake.com.

The original post by Naomi Dunford that LaVonne mentions is here.

I’m doing my own Customer Love giveaway — free, no strings consulting — read about it here.

Customer Love

Do you run your own business or creative enterprise? My friend and client LaVonne Ellis is doing something cool — she’s laid down the Customer Love challenge and a site called MakeCustomerLoveYou.com, with details and a free e-book when you sign up. (The e-book is really pretty, too!)

There’s a #CustomerLove hashtag over on Twitter and daily challenges to help you creative a great, value based relationship with your customers. Go read all about it and take part.

And IF you take part, let me show YOU some love — a 1/2 hour of free consulting about your business. My normal rate for consulting is $125 for a half hour, so this is a real doozy of a giveaway. We can talk about any business or creative challenges you have, brainstorm or discuss marketing, tech issues, copywriting, networking — whatever you want!

There’s nothing to buy, no contest to win. If you want the consulting session, you’ve got it. Just ask.
And if you’ve never worked with a consultant before, no problem — it’s fun and I make it easy!

Here’s what one of my clients says…

I had no idea what to expect during my first coaching session with Lee. What I didn’t expect was that he’d be able to immediately cut through the all the irrelevant issues that were distracting me. Before we’d even spoken, he already knew what was most important to me and he focused on that. Because of that first session, I am now working daily toward reaching the goal that is closest to my heart. It’s a great feeling to finally be moving forward towards the life I’ve dreamed of … one day at a time.
- Jamie Lee Wallace, writer and marketing coach

No strings, nothing to buy — just be part of the #CustomerLove challenge and then email me at Lee@Stranahan.com, say FREE CONSULTING in the subject and we’ll set it up.

Controversy & Perfection

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I get in controversies sometimes because I don’t shy away from getting into controversies. Here’s a new one — it’s a blog post that doesn’t name me but it’s about me and I show up about 100 comments into the discussion. Even if you like following my controversies, this one is pretty confusing if you don’t know the context.

I’ve been fretting about it for a couple of days but now I’ve decided that it’s just the price I pay for pushing the envelope sometimes. If I let it slow me down, I’m doing anybody any good..

I’ve gotten so many nice emails & twets about this brouhaha and they far outweigh the negative ones. I got one surprising, thoughtful negative one and I appreciated that, too. (It was from someone kinda well known who I respect a lot and I didn’t think I was on their radar, really — hence the surprise.)

“Some people will like me and some won’t. So I might as well be myself, and then at least I’ll know that the people who like me, like me.” — Hugh Prather

Here’s what I’m stuck with: I’m me.

I’ve got plenty of faults. I’m not afraid to take risks and I screw up frequently. I don’t like being misquoted or misrepresented and when that happens, I say so. I’m not afraid of a fight. I don’t go down quietly. I can be off-putting. I can be divisive. Sometimes people find that my negatives outweigh my positives. I can go on like this for a while but that’s who I am and I’m coming to grips with the fact that it’s okay.

It’s perfect, even. That means accepting the reality that I’m perfect. You’re perfect, too, by the way. No, really — you are. It’s really hard to accept and humans are the only things on the earth that even give the idea of perfection any thought. Rocks and kangaroos and ferns never worry whether they are good enough, much less perfect. They just do what they  do. And once you accept that, you can accept that perfect doesn’t mean it can’t get better. Weird, I know.

If I’m going to worry about putting myself in the best possible light or just being comfortable in my own skin, I think the smart bet is on comfortable. I write this in the hope that this message finds someone who needs it. Maybe even me.

At Least You Know You’re Alive

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I’ve been going through a rough few weeks but in tough times, you sometimes hear people say “Well, at least you know you’re alive!” and I know exactly what they mean.

Here’s what today was like foe for me; my wife woke me up at a little before 7am because we’re having a moving sale since we have to be out of our house in a week. We tried to move our couch upstairs to sell but we couldn’t do it and gave up, leaving it wedged sideways in our hall.   We did the yard sale, sold the two huge, heavy TV sets (yay!) and the couch (the new owners will figure out how to get it home) and a few smaller things. Now, I’m at Starbucks using their Wifi and I get on a 15 hour train ride to Los Angeles in a couple of hours to teach a visual effects class tomorrow then another 15 hours back to Albuquerque for the final pack up before we go to live in a hotel for an unspecified amount of time.

But at least I know I’m alive!

I’m not stuck in a rut. Every day is a new adventure. It’s a bit stressful but it’s also exciting and I’m making sure to keep it fun and interesting. There’s a lot of drudge work in packing but I’m keeping my eye on the new places we’ll be exploring in about 8 days.

Adventure is a choice. If you aren’t risking anything, you probably have very little to gain. I certainly understand the drive to dig in and hold onto the what you have but I also know that staying in a holding pattern eventually makes you run out of gas.