Child Protective Services Dropped By

It’s one of those things that you read happening to other people but I’ll be honest; I was very surprised it happened to us. Yesterday when we came back from the grocery store, there was a Child Protective Services worker outside our door. 

We’re still in flux and Jack and Olivia weren’t registered as home scholars yet. Lauren registered them on the computer while the CPS lady was here but that apparently wasn’t enough. Even after answering all her questions and letting her talk to Olivia, the CPS lady wasn’t happy because we didn’t have ‘school papers’ to prove the kids were working at their ‘grade level.’ When we tried to show her the kid’s work on the computer, she refused to look at it and said we could have faked it.

The CPS worker actually came back a second time later in the afternoon with two police officers and told us – in front of the kids – that the district attorney might decide to file criminal charges against us. The police didn’t seem to know why they were there.

Despite the drama, so far nothing had happened and from my reading of the law, nothing really can happen because we’re now in compliance. New Mexico doesn’t have any requirement for papers. They certainly don’t have a requirement about kids working at their grade level or the jails would be full of public school teachers.

So now we have one of those “Boy, are Child Protective Services workers stupid and stubborn’ stories. I really worry about the safety of children who NEED to be protected.

More later on this.

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