Welcome To My Lifestream

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a button that says lifestream up at the top of the blog – that’s where you can get a ton of my content that I post on other services, including Twitter, Flickr, Yelp, my Tumblr blog, my BobCesca.com post and so on…

Also, everything I share from Google reader is there and there’s lot of good and interesting links in there. So make sure you check out the Lifestream!

Rainbow Friday

I lay a lot of the blame for the economy’s current state on the giant corporations that run things. And tomorrow is Black Friday – when we’re all supposed to be good little consumers and get up early in the morning, battle other consumers and buy lots of stuff. But from what I’ve seen of the Black Friday sales, they are lame, almost non-sales.

So I propose a new idea – Rainbow Friday.

The idea is simple – people in online communities like this one just buy one thing from other people in that community tomorrow. It’s US helping each other. Here’s an example…

 Film, video and media makers – you can buy stock footage and animation I’ve produced at Revostock.com 

But what do YOU have for sale? Let’s use the comments here to list stuff you sell. Anything – crafts you made on Etsy, music you created on CDBaby, services, ANYTHING – tell the other goddamn awesome people here about what you do and how we can buy it and let’s all try to give each other a little shot in the arm.


Dorky. Cliched. True.

This election cycle has had a special place in my heart because of all the creative, smart people I’ve met along the way. As glad as I am that the United States elected Barack Obama, no matter the outcome it’s meant so to me both professionally and personally to have met people like Bob Cesca, Cliff Schecter, Ben Relles, Adam McKay, Andy Cobb, Arianna Huffington, Peter Koechley, Josh Marshall, Robert Greenwald and many many more. Even more important, the election allowed me to reconnect with old friends like Alan Bernhoft, Tracy Santos, Maryscott O’Connor, JD Walsh and others who all had the same hope for our country.

Great things are ahead.