Long Tail Music Fail

For all the talk about how the long tail will deliver an infinite amount of digital product due to not having the restrictions a brick and mortar store has…well, that shit ain’t really working out that well.

Here’s a short list of things I’ve wanted to buy recently but I can’t because they don’t seem to be available on iTunes or eMusic or Napster…nothing obscure here. These are records I used to own and I want them now.

  • 1960s era Kinks
  • Any albums by The Smiths except greatest hits stuff
  • Kat Bush’s old Greatest Hits album
  • Most older Peter Gabriel albums

And of course I’m not even mentioning the Beatles. I gave up waiting, bought the remastered CDs and ripped them.

More Catch Up

This blog bears my name. You think I’d treat it better.

I mean to update it more often but it always seems to get short shrift. Especially with all the social media whatnots that I do. Little updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile over here, big fat nothing.

I did a seminar – the VFX Supervisor’s Boot Camp. It was awesome. Lots of photos of it on Flickr and Facebook.

Also – looking at pictures of the seminar made me realize how fat I am again. The Wii Fit says that I gained 25 pounds since I last weighed myself at the doctor’s office eight months ago.

Holy hell. So I’m been meaning to exercise more. I mean to do every day. Can you tell by the sentences I’m typing how well that’s been going? I think you can. Let’s leave it at that and hope, shall we?

Also – Shane came out to New Mexico. We haven’t seen Shane since I was 25 pounds lighter. It’s been great having him around. The kids are super happy.

Plus – ¬†we’re grandparents. Lauren’s son Steven and his girlfriend Kayla had a baby!

Honestly, if you just read my Facebook and Twitter accounts you’d know a lot of this already. Except the part about me being so fat.

I made some videos, too.

One is about the seminars…

The other one is a weird animated sort of thing I did with my friend Brad Carvey starring in it.

I wrote a piece on HuffPost about how pissed off I am at the health care reform issues.

Lauren is also massively pregnant. In a good way. She’s due in less than four weeks.

We love our house in Los Lunas. I should mention that, too.

Okay, that’s enough for now I think.