Long Tail Music Fail

For all the talk about how the long tail will deliver an infinite amount of digital product due to not having the restrictions a brick and mortar store has…well, that shit ain’t really working out that well.

Here’s a short list of things I’ve wanted to buy recently but I can’t because they don’t seem to be available on iTunes or eMusic or Napster…nothing obscure here. These are records I used to own and I want them now.

  • 1960s era Kinks
  • Any albums by The Smiths except greatest hits stuff
  • Kat Bush’s old Greatest Hits album
  • Most older Peter Gabriel albums

And of course I’m not even mentioning the Beatles. I gave up waiting, bought the remastered CDs and ripped them.

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  1. Point well taken, although all the older “peter gabriel” albums *are* on iTunes Music store (“Car”, “Tear”, “Melt”, “Security”) .

    I can’t for the life of me, think of why 60’s era Kinks should be so hard to find, but it certainly is.


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