Here’s The World. What Are You Going To Do?

cool photo by NEOPIXX

We’re in a weird time right now; an in-between time. The election coming up is part of it plus the uncertain nature of the economy and the changing shape of the world…

Here’s a laundry list of the world as I see it right now. Some of these things seem good and some seem bad but it helps me to not look at them and judge them that way but instead to just see them as true or false. These are all factors that have been on my mind in trying to decide the next business to launch and where to put my time.

Here’s the truth; you could take any of these observations and go out and create a business based on them or that very same observation could make you broke.
So, where are you going to put your time?

Computers and computer components are incredibly cheap. 750 gigs of storage for $99. 2 gigs of RAM for $29. Unheard of processing power sitting on your desktop. A fast, powerful super-computer can be yours for a few hundred bucks and it does more things than ever.

Open source and other free software is better than ever. Ubuntu is free, stable, elegant and comes with a ton of free, legal software. If you want to write a script, you don’t need to spend money on Final Draft; just download Celtx and starting writing already, dammit. Or use Google Docs.

Food is getting more expensive and it’s going to get more expensive. Bad weather all over the world. Cultural changes in places like India and China creating more meat eaters. Corn being used for ethanol drives up feed prices.

Other digital art tools are cheaper than everFilmmaker?You can buy a high def camcorder for around $600. Want to make music? You can a digital interface and the sonic equivalent of around 40 guitar and bass amps, complete with effects for about $50.

The means of distribution are open to every artist. Publish a book or DVD through Lulu. Sell clothes through Zazzle. Sell your handmade stuff on Etsy. Publish a magazine through MagCloud. There is no barrier between your work and a paying audience – you just need to find the paying audience.

Gasoline is expensive and it’s going to stay that way. We’re not going back to $2 / gallon gas. If anything, I expect to see $5 or $6 a gallon in Los Angeles by Labor Day. The United States doesn’t have a public transportation infrastructure or even planning or co-ordination.

Barack Obama has already changed politics, whether he wins or loses. Obama’s fund raising is a game changer, forever. McCain is almost certainly the last ‘Vietnam Era’ Presidential candidate we’ll see. Obama will inspire a new generation of politicians at every level of government. The Republicans don’t have their Obama yet but they will in the next eight years; someone will help define what the GOP means.

Am I wrong on anything? Your predictions?

Radiohead On YouTube

YouTube has an abundance of wondrous stuff from the current Best Band In The World — Radiohead. I’ve been listening to a lot of it in the past few days, so I thought I’d compile some of it here and save you time. Here’s a bunch of interesting versions of some of my favorite songs.

The band has appeared on Later with Jools Holland a bunch of times – here’s 1995, doing The Bends. Enjoy Thom’s hair, enjoy Phil with hair and the general intensity and occasional bad notes.

Here’s a gorgeous solo live acoustic version of Nice Dream…

Jonny and Thom do a lovely acoustic version of No Surprises. Really amazing.

I love the acoustic step – here’s Everything In It’s Right Place, without migraine causing delay effects – although it cuts off abruptly. Fuckers.

Bridge School benefit, 2002 – amazing audio only of Thom Yorke doing Neil Young’s After The Goldrush using Neil’s piano.

More Bridge School benefit 2002 – Thom does Paranoid Android solo acoustic.

Not enough Marvin for you? Jockmock2 has posted a ton of amazing stuff from the 2006 Bonnaroo festival. Here’s a great sounding version of Paranoid Android.

Here’s a pre-release version of Weird Fishes / Arpeggi also from Bonnaroo, 2006.

Here’s another JockMock2 post – Karma Police from Shepard’s Bush, 2003. Love on the crowd and the camera angles.

More huge crowd stuff – Just at Glastonbury, 2003. Rawk!

Since their old label just released a Best Of album – here’s an interview with the band talking about Best Of Albums…

Barack Obama Selects Barack Obama for V.P.

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN — Speaking to a packed auditorium presumptive Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama announced that he intends to nominate Illinois Senator Barack Obama as his vice presidential running mate. Candidate Obama praised Senator Obama’s judgment, energy and commitment to change in announcing what he called ‘the dream ticket that’s such a dream that you keep hitting the snooze button just to keep on dreaming it.’

“Choosing a vice president is the first major decision any candidate makes and I’ve spent several months trying to choose somebody with a resume, intellect and temperament that I respect. It’s become clear that that person is Barack Obama,” said Barack Obama. After a wild ovation, Obama gave a full throated endorsement of Obama while maintaining that selecting Obama was Obama’s first move in selecting a ‘cabinet of rivals’ which many Washington insiders suspect could include a nomination of former Illinois state senator Barack Obama for Secretary of State or the selection of best selling author Barack Obama for Attorney General.

“Yes, we have differences; take our positions on NAFTA, ” said Obama. “Consider Senator Obama’s strong and principled opposition to the bill that gives immunity to telecom companies; the very bill that I’m about to vote in favor of this coming week. Or contrast my own deeply held faith with Senator Obama’s respect for science.”

“So, we’re one — but we’re not the same,” said Obama as Obama nodded in agreement. “Senator Obama often quotes the beautifully reasoned lyrics of Neil Peart from the Canadian power trio Rush; ‘The differences leave room for you and I to grow.’ To put it another way, I like to quote Sly Stone; ‘I want to thank you faloettinme be mice elf agin.'”

Responding quickly, Republican presumpter John McCain quipped that “Obama and Obama seem to be running for Barack Obama’s first term” and then proceeded to chuckle at his own comment for an amount of time that several observers called “uncomfortably long.”

Bush, McCain Wed In California; Few Surprised

President George W. Bush and Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain were legally married in a small ceremony at the apartment of ‘a close friend’ in West Hollywood, California late Tuesday night. The wedding came on the heels of California becoming the second U.S. state to legalize same sex unions. The ceremony was presided over by California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wore his camouflage military outfit from the film Predator in order to ‘not appear too fruity’, Schwarzenegger aide Julia Rodriguez stated.

McCain Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker said in a prepared statement, “Once again Senator McCain has shown he’s a maverick who is willing to take a bold stand based on principle. This marriage will certainly highlight the differences between the President Bush and Senator McCain. We hope all Americans put aside partisan differences and will join us in wishing both the President and Senator McCain the best as they begin their honeymoon by drilling for oil together off of the coast of Catalina Island.”

A reportedly ‘devastated’ Senator Joe Lieberman could not be reached for comment.

Republicans insiders speaking off the record expressed a mixture of confusion, anger and arousal at the turn of events. A defiant President Bush remained firm in his stiff opposition to gay marriage despite the throbbing controversy among huge members of Congress who hardened their positions and threatened to whip out every tool at their disposal into order to stop Republican politicians from thinking about penises all the time.

“This is a same sex marriage, not a gay marriage,” said President Bush at an impromptu press conference in front of The French Quarter Restaurant. “I am not gay even one little tiny bit and I remain opposed to gay marriage. I know the press likes to play ‘Gotcha!’ with this sort of thing so I’m going to be real clear about this — Senator McCain and I will not be having any sort of gay sex with each other.”

When pressed on the question of having sex with the president, McCain was non-committal but said he ‘would support whatever decision the president made.’

Kucinich Too Boring? Steve Jobs Presents iPeachment 08!

Here’s my latest comedy piece. Judging from the comments on The Huffington Post, it seems like the comedy was lost on a lot of people.

When he introduced articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush last night on the floor of House of Representatives, Dennis Kucinich may have been many things — brave, idealistic, and thorough — but he was also wicked boring.

I’m talking to you, D-Man. Yes, you pointed out all the ways that the Bush administration has trampled on the constitution but where’s the sizzle, Dennis? Where’s the catch phrase? (Suggestion: “Impeach THIS!”) Where were the Abu Ghraib Dancers? Couldn’t you at least get your wife on camera in the background pretending to listen to you while sitting next to a shirtless Matthew McConaughey? (And really — is there any other kind of Matthew McConaughey?)

Nope. We get five hours of Dennis Kucinich on C-SPAN turning pages and drinking water late at night. It was the dullest representation of America’s slow slide in fascism since that Upton Sinclair Lewis book that the hip teacher who listened to the Beatles and smelled like stale weed tried to make us read in high school.

Contrast that to another speech the same day that acted like Nerd Viagra — Steve Job’s announcement of the new 3G iPhone. Across the Geekasphere, sites like Twitter and TechCrunch and Engadget blew their fuses as each new feature was announced. That’s what you needed, Dennis. Here’s my advice.

Have Steve Jobs introduce iPeachment 08.

You and Jobs have stuff in common. Like you, Jobs is on some suspicious vegan diet and on stage yesterday he looked thinner than the new iPhone. Unlike you, Jobs knows how to work a crowd. Visuals. Pacing. It’s marketing, Dennis.

You had thirty-five articles of impeachment. Way too many. Reduce it to ten impeachable offenses and make one of them compatibility with iTunes. Give each article a colorful icon.

Reduce the cost of iPeachement 08. Previously, Bush would have been kicked out of office for his numerous offenses against the nation. Now, we’ll make him go back on Deal Or No Deal. No, wait — that’s an NBC show so it’s not on iTunes. We need a Disney show. Maybe put him on Wife Swap and make him shack up with Michelle Obama for a week. There will be fist bumping a’plenty after a bleary eyed W calls Michelle “Condi” over the breakfast table!

And be sure to have Jobs point out that just like the unconstitutional wiretapping of Americans, iPeachment 08 is also brought to you in partnership with AT&T.