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YouTube has an abundance of wondrous stuff from the current Best Band In The World — Radiohead. I’ve been listening to a lot of it in the past few days, so I thought I’d compile some of it here and save you time. Here’s a bunch of interesting versions of some of my favorite songs.

The band has appeared on Later with Jools Holland a bunch of times – here’s 1995, doing The Bends. Enjoy Thom’s hair, enjoy Phil with hair and the general intensity and occasional bad notes.

Here’s a gorgeous solo live acoustic version of Nice Dream…

Jonny and Thom do a lovely acoustic version of No Surprises. Really amazing.

I love the acoustic step – here’s Everything In It’s Right Place, without migraine causing delay effects – although it cuts off abruptly. Fuckers.

Bridge School benefit, 2002 – amazing audio only of Thom Yorke doing Neil Young’s After The Goldrush using Neil’s piano.

More Bridge School benefit 2002 – Thom does Paranoid Android solo acoustic.

Not enough Marvin for you? Jockmock2 has posted a ton of amazing stuff from the 2006 Bonnaroo festival. Here’s a great sounding version of Paranoid Android.

Here’s a pre-release version of Weird Fishes / Arpeggi also from Bonnaroo, 2006.

Here’s another JockMock2 post – Karma Police from Shepard’s Bush, 2003. Love on the crowd and the camera angles.

More huge crowd stuff – Just at Glastonbury, 2003. Rawk!

Since their old label just released a Best Of album – here’s an interview with the band talking about Best Of Albums…


  1. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.”

  2. Made my night. Can never get enough of Thom and crew and here I was reading my feeds and yours gave me this. Thanks for doing all the wok so I didn’t have to!


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