Saturday agsain. Puttering around and relaxing. Cleaned out the van a little and we’re bringing clothes to the laundry-mat in a little bit. Lauren made Japanese curry, with the little cubes that melt and make a little stew. It was good.

Did some writing today, a novel thing that I’m hoping goes somewhere. Writing and photography, that’s the ticket. Such things are yurts made of.

Custody Guy

The whole Shane custody battle thing is a big fricking ugly mess. I’m losing sleep over it, Shane’s extremely unhappy about it. It’s just no good for anyone. I say that as the person ‘winning’ so far, too. It’s emberassing to even be part of. I’m also ‘Custody Guy’ now, telling the same stupid stories a few times a week to keep people up on details. I’m just so totally sick of it already.

New Interview With Blackjack


Really, it’s an old interview – from early March – but here’s another snippet from America’s Favorite Four Year Old Who’s Hard To Understand. My favorite part is where he forgets the name of his favorite cereal, then about one second later says that he remembers now. Enjoy!