Homeless, Not Phoneless – Google Does Good

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Google is partnering with San Francisco to provide the service to homeless individuals and to shelters and agencies so they can distribute the numbers to their clients. The announcement was made at a Project Homeless Connect event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Wednesday.

A homeless person will be able to call in for his or her messages from any phone. The move by the city and the company would allow someone to be able to fill out a job application, which asks for a call back number. It will allow clinics to share test results.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and Google said they want to empower people.”How do you communicate as a homeless individual? ” Newsom asked. “How do you expect your life to turn around if you can’t even get information or if someone can’t even get in touch with you?”

Google Gives All SF Homeless Free Voicemail – KNTV-TV- msnbc.com

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Hillary Wants You To Crap Your Pants, Too!

Here’s her gross new ad. This is real, not a parody.

And the very first comment at TalkingPointsMemo sum up my feeling exactly…

Honestly, I’d rather have a president who was calm, collected, and had good judgment, as opposed to a president who has a history of poor judgment, and generally gets angry and erratic when the pressure is on. On, and I wouldn’t want a president who would pick up the phone and blame the media for everything.

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Forgetting The Rules

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One of things I’ve found out that I’m constantly trying to do now is to forget twenty plus years of rules about video production. Many of them just don’t apply to the new media / YouTube landscape. Things like the normal length of a ‘show’ or three act structure or the concept of ‘broadcast quality’ – out the window. I think. One problem is that it’s hard to tell which rules are broken and which still apply. That’s why my general mode right now is experimentation.

Double Congrats To TPM

Blogger, Sans Pajamas, Rakes Muck and a Prize – New York Times

Talking Points Memo is featured in a big article in today’s New York Times and last week they won the George Polk Award for legal reporting for their coverage of the U.S. attorney scandal. TPM has featured a couple of my videos and bought a couple of other ones, and one of the highlights of last year for me was BSing about politics on the phone for a half hour with TPM founder Josh Marshall.

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