Hillary Wants You To Crap Your Pants, Too!

Here’s her gross new ad. This is real, not a parody.

And the very first comment at TalkingPointsMemo sum up my feeling exactly…

Honestly, I’d rather have a president who was calm, collected, and had good judgment, as opposed to a president who has a history of poor judgment, and generally gets angry and erratic when the pressure is on. On, and I wouldn’t want a president who would pick up the phone and blame the media for everything.

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  1. This actually reminds me of that video you did a while back where Hillary says voting for Barack will undo the entire universe, and you do a parody of the ’64 daisy ad.

    Do you have that video up anywhere?

  2. Thanks!

  3. Hmm, I found a link, but it says it’s a private video… I said a YouTube friend request. Hope that works. And sorry for the hassle!


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