Radio Live Tonight, 10pm : The Bull Session With Alan and Lee

Radio d’hier yesterday sound on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

My co-conspiritor Alan Bernhoft and I are starting a weekly radio show called The Bull Session,  which we’re going to do live every Sunday at 10pm for an hour a week. You can listen live, call in, or hear the recorded version right here.

Independent artists Lee Stranahan and Alan Bernhoft discuss art, commerce, politics, Hollywood, The Beatles, philosophy, comedy, film making, music, and whatever else pops into their heads in this extremely free form conversation that you’re invited to join.

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Well-deserved nap on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
After a couple of fairly grueling but productive weeks, I have a small hole in my schedule before my next big project begins. I have been behind on a bunch of projects that needed to get done RIGHT NOW but I’ve been knocking things off the list and now I only have like 3 or 4 things that should have been done days ago. That’s progress.

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The Spooky Dan Awards!

Recently, I did some motion graphics work for Spooky Dan’s Anti-Academy Awards – his horror film awards. I’m not into horror films myself, but I love Dan. I’ve known him over a decade now, from when he worked on my short film Access Denied as a production assistant. He’s been super helpful and gracious enough to lend me his camera for a bunch of the recent productions I’ve done.

Here’s part one…visit his YouTube page to see the episodes…