The Rest Of The Weekend

Fairly nondescript. Got some stuff done, played with the kids, got some work done but not as much as I wanted to get done. Church in the morning and it was a talk about sweatshop labor. Even in L.A. – I get that immigration bill opposition better now. Make illegal immigration a felony and the people who employ illegal labor will use the law as another threat to keep the workers from trying to get treated fairly. The workers have enough trouble.

Jack and Shane hung out at my office for a bit. Boys day out, grumpy girls day in – said Lauren. I didn’t say that. I’d get my ass kicked. Nothing but love! Got a pizza from Tony’s Bella Vista and we watched The Sopranos. Went to bed early.

Saturday So Far


Haven’t really accomplished all that much, but there’s still time. And it’s the weekend, so there.

Last night, I took Shane to a Bar Mitvah in Glendale for a friend of his. It was on Pacific Avenue, a street I’ve driven down dozens of times because our Doctor is on it. I’d never noticed the Asian supermarket once, though. Neither has Lauren. I only noticed it last night becuase of the fairly distinctive green neon that a lot of Asian Supermarkets seem to use.

I dropped off Shane and we sat there saying goodbye, I heard a loud fart. There’s really no better way to say it – it was just Shane and I in the car and there was a really loud fart. Wasn’t me. So, I asked Shane. As he denied it, there was another fart. And then another and another. That’d be pretty ballsy – to deny mid-fart. I assume something with wrong with the car and it was making fart sounds. It’s an old car. It could happen.

Life is full of mystery but I solved this one pretty quickly. I looked down at my Sirius reciever and it was on one of the Howard Stern channels and the display read Who smelt it, dealt it…

Apparently, I’d switched accidently from the replay of Howard’s show to a show that consisted entirely of fart sounds. Quite a show.

This morning Lauren and I needed to get out of the house, so we went to the Asian market that I’d seen on Pacific the night before. It was great. Clean, lots of cool stuff and a whole serve yourself section of what seemed like all the great side dishes you’d get a Korean restaurant. I got Octopus With Mixed Veggies and some Seaweed Salad and they were both great. Also picked up some Green Tea Ramen, assorted fish cakes and a whole bunch of other good stuff.

We had that for lunch and then my brother called. The kids and I met up with him, Lena, and Lindsay at the Pirate Park. They had fun, as kids at a park are wont to do.

Attitude Boy

Then Lauren and I went to Costco and right now Chili is cooking. Yum!

Oh, The Weekend

And once again it’s the weekend and I have such great hopes for getting things done. Some work stuff, some furniture, some organizational stuff, some family stuff. Looks like Shane will be here, so that should help.

The Miracle Of The Glasses

I have eyeglasses. Not a major perscription, just something to wear while driving and for watching TV. I got the a year ago but they have been missing for months and months. And that sucks because my eyes have been really tired at the end of the day.

So, about a half hour ago I look down and there are my glasses. Sitting right next to me on desk, which I clean frequently.

Not Even A Mouse

For some reason, the whole family had a long night of sleep last night. I usually wake up 4 or 5 times a night, but last night I was only up twice and one of those times I had to be up. It was raining fairly hard at one point, I remember.

Then this morning at about 6:00am, Lauren and I woke up and couldn’t find Jack. We thought he’d be asleep where he usually is but he wasn’t. Lauren found him sitting next to Shane’s bed playing video games. Nice to be Jack.