Hustle And Flow

Hustle & Flow (Widescreen Edition)

I watched the director’s commentary track of Hustle And Flow before I watched the movie because I didn’t have the remote for my DVD player. I really loved the director’s track – just the writer / director Craig Brewer talking all about how he made the film and his background and a ton of great, interesting info. Then the film kind of sat around for a week or two, so thank god for Netflix.

Finally watched the film over the last couple of nights and it’s a really great film. If you really hate hip hop or southern people or have a stick up your ass, it’s probably not the film for you but Brewer was making a hip hop version of Rocky sort of slammed in Purple Rain and mang, he did it. Tremendously good actiing all around especially by Terrence Howard, who is every bit as good in this as you may have heard but everyone is excellent. Beautifully shot in Super-16mm, the film lives and breathes Memphis. Just a great flick.

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