@BrooksBayne & His Disgusting Attack On @BrandonDarby

Last night, Brooks Bayne hit a new low in his ongoing attacks on Brandon Darby. Part of me doesn’t want to waste much more time on Bayne until I finish up the production of my short documentary Meltdown comes out later this year but this tirade is so offensive and revealing that deserves some coverage.

Anyone who know about Brandon Darby knows that he became a villain on the radical left for stopping Brad Crowder and David McKay, two self-styled radicals who made molotov cocktails as part of their anarchist mischief at the 2008. A film was made about this story called Better This World and it tells the story in a very deceptive way from the left’s perspective.

Last night, Brooks Bayne — a supposed conservative — was recommending Better This World to people as ‘sobering’ and calling Brandon Darby a liar. He also said the FBI didn’t trust Darby, an off statement to make since Darby continued to work with the FBI as an informant after the RNC ’08 incident.

This isn’t the first time that Bayne has used left-wing, anarchist sources to attempt to discredit Darby. As this story entitled Brooks Bayne targets conservatives with Brett Kimberlin-style tactics from Twitchy discusses the last appalling attack on Darby, he has literally been attacking Darby BECAUSE he worked to stop terrorists.

This is something that only makes sense to do if you’re a leftist, really. There’s no clear explanation as to why Bayne would repeatedly repeat far-left, anarachist sources and arguments attacking Brandon Darby for stopping terrorist attacks on the RNC and by Palestinian terror funders. 

Bayne tweeted…

Then Bayne linked to a segment from left-wing Democracy Now! attacking Darby and implies that he is going after Darby with Freedom of Information Act searches.

And here, Bayne takes up the leftist narrative this the whole RNC molotov cocktail thing was no big deal.

Most galling of all — Brooks Bayne is a coward who won’t say this stuff to Brandon’s face in a real public forum. I challenge Brooks Bayne to stop hiding behind Twitter and show up at ANY Tea Party event to accuse Brandon, face-to-face, of any of this. I make this challenge knowing that there’s no possible way Brooks will do it because he’s, quite simply, afraid to. Brooks knows the reaction he’d get trying to use leftist arguments and Kimberlin-like tactics against Brandon Darby in front of real, live people.

As I’ve said before — look at the actions, not what people call themselves.

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