Tim Ferriss’s Outsourced Blog Experiment

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Tim Ferriss has gotten a lot of press both in the mainstream media and right here on the internets for his ‘Four Hour Workweek’ concept. Turns out he was really serious about it.

This is Tim Ferriss. The real Tim Ferriss.

This is the first time I have written a post on this blog since March 30, 2007, 366 days ago, when I penned “How to Live Like a Rock Star in Buenos Aires.”

In the meantime, a virtual pair—Vanhishikha “Van” Mehra and Roger Espinosa—have taken my blog to the Technorati-1000 (around 600 at best) and had their content featured, under my name, in media from The New York Times to CNBC.

I’ve suggested topics and asked explicitly for some when I had photos or video to post, but Van and Roger are the short answer to the common question: how can you work four hours a week if you spend so much time on the blog?

The answer is: I don’t.

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Ferriss has done is to do what most successful people do; delegate. I think it’s brilliant. And by ‘I’, I mean me. I’m not outsourced yet, sorry.

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